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“Butlers in the Buff” Trademark

The words “Butlers in the Buff” are both the name of the company and the registered trademark for the goods and services offered by the company.

Company Name

When referring to the company that owns the “Butlers in the Buff” brand, it is unnecessary to use the typographic conventions for trademarks that set them apart from the rest of the text, such as all capital letters or italics.
Correct: I called the Butlers in the Buff office.
Correct: I work for Butlers in the Buff.


When using “Butlers in the Buff “UK00002555227” to refer to the goods and services offered by the company, it is appropriate to use a typographic convention, such as all capital letters, italics, or ™ or ® to signify that the term is a trademark. The symbol ™ is an abbreviation for “Trademark” and is used with common-law (unregistered) marks. The symbol ® identifies a mark that is registered in the United Kingdom Patent and Trademark Office.

Class 41

Entertaining at parties, hosting events; hospitality services (entertainment); information and advice in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Unlawful Use Of The Trademark

It is strictly prohibited to use the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” without the company’s consent or knowledge, this includes but is not restricted to the abbreviations of the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” such as “Butlerz in the Buff” “The Butlers in the Buff”.
If you have been assigned permission to use the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” by the company I.E. if you’re an Agency, Promoter, Travel Agent, or 3rd Party Ticket Seller, this permission will be restricted to promote the show, event, service or tickets you sell only. Once the show, event or your deal with the company as a 3rd party seller has ended, your rights to use the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” will be terminated and no further permission to use the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” will be permitted unless by special arrangement with the company.

Legal Action and Trademark Infringement

We take the use of our trademark “Butlers in the Buff” being used unlawfully very seriously, any parties to be found infringing our trademark “Butlers in the Buff” will face legal prosecution under the Trademarks Act 1994.

It is prohibited to use the trademark “Butlers in the Buff” and variations in relation to goods and services including but not limited to: Sound and/or video recordings; cinematographic films; electronic publications; video games, computer games; compact discs; laser discs; CD Roms; male strip shows, striptease acts, exotic dancing, lap dancing, pole dancing and/or male revue shows, stationery; printed matter, periodicals; books, programmes, magazines, publications, posters; comic books, colouring books, stickers, decalcomanias; bookmarks; writing or drawing implements; calendars, posters; erasers, sharpeners; rulers; albums; greeting cards; wrapping and packaging materials; playing cards; photographs; adhesives; sticky tape; pencil or pen boxes; paper napkins; postcards; diaries, ring binders, colouring paints and crayons, Entertainment; TV entertainment, musical entertainment, stage shows, dance shows, production of radio and television programmes.

Company Trademark Policy

Butlers in the Buff owns numerous Trademarks and we take each and every one very seriously pursuing all infringements against our intellectual property.

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