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Host Your Event
Serve Food & Drink
Mix Cocktails
Play Party Games
Pose For Photos

The World’s Biggest and Best Naked Butler Company – Here’s Why.

Why is Butlers in the Buff the biggest naked butler company?

That’s Easy, because we’re the best!

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About you – Our Clients – The most important people

Your event, no matter how small or big, means the world to us and to our naked butlers.

YOUR PARTY is unique, it’s a one of a kind and it’s going be awesome!  Without you telling your friends and colleagues how much you enjoyed your Butler in the Buff we wouldn’t grow.

We know how much time and effort you have put in to making YOUR PARTY the best it can be.  It can be stressful – Our dedicated staff are here to help.

We want to add to the amazing work you’ve done and give it that extra special touch!  We won’t let you down!  You and your guests are the most important part of the process

We are the World’s first, best & largest naked butler company

Question Do you know what a gathering of Naked Butlers is collectively known as?

Answer – Once again, a world first from us…. A collection of Naked Buff Butlers shall be known as a “Muscle” =  ‘A Muscle of Buff Party Butlers’

The world’s favorite Naked Butler Company still No. 1 after 15 years

About the Naked Butlers – The second most important people

Over 1000 fabulous and hunky naked Butlers worldwide. Ensuring that we won’t let you down!  We have enough butlers to cover any eventuality.

Every single Butler in the Buff is handpicked & gorgeous

We are the only company that interviews each and every Butler to ensure you get the best party experience. Guaranteed!

Butlers in the Buff are confident, polite professional and a whole lot of fun.  Let’s boogie! 

All of our naked butlers are thoroughly vetted and trained

All new butlers complete training jobs with our more seasoned guys to ensure they all make the grade.

Every naked butler shown on our website is a genuine Butler in the Buff

We don’t hire models for photo shoots. We don’t steal or use other online images. Butlers in the Buff are the real deal

About us – The hardworking professional team that make it happen

The “Muscle” of Butlers – we couldn’t wait to say it!  Only Butlers in the Buff has the “Muscle’ of Butlers that we say we do.  We don’t highlight just a few of our best guys and then send, well, other guys out. Check out our galleries

We don’t show the same 5 guys over and over and over ………So you know only we truly do have top class guys right across the nation ready to make YOUR PARTY the best ever

Experienced friendly bookings staff

Not sure how to plan your day? Our friendly staff have more experience than anyone and will be delighted to help

Since day one, that’s 15 years ago, every single Butler in the Buff has…

  • Been employed by us
  • Agreed by contract to work strictly within our codes of conduct
  • Been paid directly by us. (Except tips!)
  • Made the Butlers in the Buff grade

Only Butlers in the Buff has over 30,000 Facebook likes worldwide. Why? That’s easy – we’re the best.  Guaranteed.

We work hard to make sure YOUR PARTY is also the best.

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Booking is simple, easy and secure.

  • Dedicated bookings managers for every event
  • 24 hour ‘out of hours’ contact number
  • Payment is quick, easy & secure
  • Debit & credit cards or online payment
  • Full public liability insurance

Simply call 01273 590820  we’ll be happy to help or visit our FAQ page.

We're on Instagram @butlersinthebuffofficial