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Top 10 things you must have at a hen party

31 Aug 2016

Top 10 things you must have at a hen party

  1. Butlers in the Buff (of course)

No Hen party is complete without a topless waiter serving you and your guests, your topless waiters will serve drinks and food, get involved in games, photos, mingle with your guests and even CLEAN up!!!!

hens party ideas
Butlers in the Buff
  1. Willy Straws

I don’t think there has ever been a hen party that hasn’t had willy Straws, they are a tradition.

hens party willy straws
Willy Straws
  1. Great games

Not every hen is into games, but you should include at least a couple of fun games to get in the party mood.

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Hens Party games
  1. Veil

There are lots of different options with the hen party veil, from a funny quirky one to a beautiful head piece to make the bride feel special.

Hens party Veil
  1. Good food

Everyone loves a good feed, like the veil you can make the food fun and quirky or stick to more traditional party food.

Hens Party food
  1. Champagne (MUST HAVE 🙂
Hens Party Champagne











7. Water

The reason for water is endless but of course the most important is you need it to take your “just in case” panadol!


8. Ice

Apparently one of the most forgotten things at an event!

Hen Party Ideas

9. Plan

A good plan will make sure that the day runs smoothly and that everyone will have a great time!

Click on image for a Hens party Check list!
Click on image for a Hens party Check list!

10. Shot Glasses

The little beauties fit in your bag and also double as a great keep sake!

Hens party shot glasses
Shot Glasses

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