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To Mo or not to Movember? That is the question!

1 Nov 2012
There have been some devilishly good looking men who pull off a moustache amazingly well and of course some who don’t!
moustache_1_opt-tom-sellack-movember-ideasTake Tom Selleck for instance. Gorgeous, to the point that maybe without a mo he might not have the same appeal. Agreed? Maybe in the 80s. Hey?daniel-craig-james-bond-party-ideas-movember

Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and even ‘127 hours’ star James Franco have sported a moustache. What do we think to this? Are they as fetching clad in upper lip facial hair or do we prefer the clean shaven look, or maybe the full beard?


Then there are the masterpiece well groomed, almost obsessively groomed moustaches that must take as much time to style as a lady getting ready to grace the red carpet.

These sorts of moustaches are more of an art form than facial hair.

moustache_cup_optOn researching Movember I stumbled across some very clever and interesting facts. The fact that in Victorian times men who sported waxed moustaches had trouble drinking tea as the steam from their cuppa melted the wax causing sticky and sometimes dyed wax to dribble down their chins! What to do I hear you cry! Fear not those clever Victorians like with many things in their time came up with a solution… a simple yet effective tea cup with a moustache guard…. Genius!

mo_butler_optBut what would you say if your gorgeous six packed Butlers in the Buff turned up for your hen party or your best friends surprise 30th birthday party with bushy moustaches? Is it hot or not?

I have seen some rather tasty men with a mo and it is for such a great cause but is it professional? It maybe quirky down the pub with your mates but as a paid for service, we think not. So now here at Butlers in the Buff HQ are in a quandary. We want to support the great cause but we don’t want to offend our clients.

The official Movember website says:
“Movember is all about bringing back the moustache, having fun and doing it for a serious cause; men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Mo Bros commit to growing a moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so become walking and talking billboards for the cause. The moustache is our ribbon, the symbol by which we generate conversations, awareness and raise funds for men’s health.”

brad-pitt=party-themes-ideasFrom the reaction to moustaches we have had on our Facebook site I think we’re right to air on the side caution with the old mo.

Maybe we should supply our butlers with the increasingly popular wedding favour moustache on sticks! This way the Mo is optional!
So we shall show our support in other ways. We will plug our client Mos on Facebook and we will donate to the cause but I’m afraid there won’t be any billboard moustaches here.

movember-pyjama-party-bristol-ideasHowever, I do have moustache illustrated PJs from Topshop and I will get the girls in the office to wear our favourite moustache earrings to show we salute the Mo!

Good luck to all growers and if you have a favourite moustache or the man in your life is growing a Mo then post it to our Facebook page and we will support you and help you through this difficult period of being a MoSista!

bolt_farah_mo-olympic-themed-partyOf course who can forget this year’s most famous Mo of all… the fabulous Mo Farah. Now that’s a Mo we can show off!

Feel free to add your comments on Moustaches in our comments section. xx

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