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Happy Anti-Valentines Day!

13 Feb 2013

anti-cupid_2_optJanuary has been and gone which can mean only one thing….the dreaded 14th of February is getting closer!  Whether your broken-hearted or proud to be single, Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year that can fill you with dread.  Shops filled with overflowing heart shaped merchandise, smug couples everywhere but just because your single why shouldn’t you celebrate?  We’ve put together some Anti-Valentine’s Day ideas to help you make it a Valentine’s Day to remember!


red-rose-source_zwc_optNo matter how your feeling we can guarantee your not alone so why not throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party for you and all your single friends?  Send all your guests invites with a twist on the traditional Valentine’s poem….


Roses are red,

Violets are Blue,

This invitation is only for you,

Do not bring a date to this little soiree,

Come celebrate single life on Valentine’s Day!

martini_optSet some ground rules for your guests such as not being allowed to mention the dreaded V word and not being allowed to wear red or pink then get the party started!  Serve up bitter cocktails such as Martinis or Manhattans and boogie on down to Anti-Valentine’s songs such as I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor or Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child!


arrow_in_cupid_optNo party would be complete without a couple of party games!!  Try your hand at Axe the Ex, (think pin the tail on the donkey but with a photo of your ex, a cardboard or fancy dress axe and blindfold.) Or Broken Heart Darts, get a balloon for each person, write down a prize or forfeit on a piece of paper and put in the balloon before you blow it up.  Once blown up attach them to a bulletin board and let your guests take it in turns to throw at darts at them, if they manage to hit a balloon they can then claim the prize or do the forfeit!


my_bloody_valentine_optLike the idea of spending it with single friends but don’t want to throw a full-on party?  Why not hold a Singleton Slumber Party.  Put on your comfiest pjs and settle down for a movie marathon.  Don’t forget your anti-Valentine’s Day theme and watch films such as My Bloody Valentine, Obsessed or What Lies Beneath.  Don’t forget the all important nibbles to go with your movies, think of all the food you wouldn’t eat on a date such as chicken wings, ribs, garlic bread….the stickier and smellier the better!



Feeling particularly bitter and twisted?  Why not hold an EX-orcism gathering.  Get together with your friends and gather together all mementos of your ex’s, cards, letters, teddy bears or clothing.  Combine them all together and burn them on a big bonfire whilst exchanging stories of worst dates and bad boyfriends!


butler_optJust because your single on Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to be man-less.  No matter what you decide to do why not hire a gorgeous Butler in the Buff to serve you your bitter cocktails or to keep your bonfire burning.  With their handsome good looks and charming personalities they’ll remind you that not all men are bad!

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