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Your Guide to New Year’s Resolution Success!!

2 Jan 2013

It’s that time of year again….out with the old and in with the new.  Goodbye 2012 and hello toStart_Jan_opt 2013!  If only it were that simple!  You’ve survived Christmas with the family and celebrated New Year’s Eve in style but now your faced with the cold harsh reality of the 1st of January.  The question on everyone’s lips….what are your New Year’s Resolutions??

New-Years-Resolutions_1_optCue the inevitable, wanting to lose a few pounds whilst training for a marathon and reading the complete works of Shakespeare.  It’s the same every year.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to kick-start your year on a healthy note.  After the frivolities of the festive season your body will be begging for mercy but are repeating the same resolutions year after year a recipe for success or disaster?

A survey carried out by the Daily Mail showed that usually by the 10th of January, New Year’s resolutions were a distant memory for most people.  So what is it about resolutions that make them so breakable?

family-duvet-day_optIt could be said that resolutions are doomed to fail from the beginning.  Due to begin on the day after the biggest night of the year was never the best idea.  Come on….whose going to want to cure their hangover with a green salad, or swap a duvet day in front of the TV with a 10 mile hike?!  Once you’ve fallen off the resolution wagon is there any point in trying to climb back on?!

london-marathon_optThe problem with the majority of resolutions is that they are just too darn ambitious!  Let’s face it, if you haven’t been to the gym in 10 years you probably won’t be running the London marathon in April!  Or if you’ve resolved to spend more time with your other half’s family it won’t help if they drive you round the bend.  The key to a successful resolution is to make it realistic and if you don’t want to make it realistic then make it ridiculous!!


1-skydiving_optThat’s right….forget all the sensible notions of saving money and keeping fit, go as wild or as tame as you like and make resolutions you will want to keep!  Don’t like Brussels sprouts?  Then resolve not to eat them!  Learn a language, break a world record or decorate your bedroom….fancy jumping out of a plane?  The sky’s the limit!


no-new-years-resolutions_optThe thought of resolutions still raising your blood pressure??  Throw caution to the wind and instead write a list of anti-resolutions!  Aims you would never want to achieve, like confronting your fear of spiders or cutting down your shoe collection.  If you can’t stick to resolutions maybe you’ll have more luck with anti-resolutions!


success_baby1_optSpice up a tired old tradition and think outside the box!  Make your resolutions something to be excited about rather than a ball and chain around your ankle.  Mix it up, throw in an old resolution with a new and make your 2013 resolutions something you WANT to do rather than something you SHOULD be doing!!

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