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Butlers in the Buff top tips for planning your office Christmas party

31 Jul 2016

Have you been set with the task of organising your work’s Christmas party? Or have you offered and are now stressing out and trying to please everyone? Well, here at Butlers in the Buff we have got together some helpful tips to ensure your works Christmas party is something extra special. It is such a popular time to celebrate, and we know there is a high demand for venues and all the extras so this is why we want to give you a helping hand with our helpful tips to hosting the perfect works party at Christmas.

Tip 1: Plan well in advancechristmas party ideas

As you can see, here at Butlers in the Buff we are already giving you blogs and inspiration for Christmas – this is because we believe in planning ahead! If the venue of your Christmas party is the most important part for you, then it is always good to get in early to check their availability else you may end up celebrating ages away from Christmas. If you want your first choice of venue, entertainer and caterers then you will need to plan ahead.

Tip 2: Do something that everyone will enjoy

If you are looking to spice up what would normally be an average works Christmas party, then look no further than Butlers in the Buff. We are not strangers to corporate events, and our Butlers and Butlerettes love a Christmas party! Hiring a couple of Butlers and Butlerettes adds that bit of glamour and fun to any party, and everyone in the office will enjoy. Our Butlers in the Buff can accommodate any theme, so if you did want them in Christmas outfits we are happy to help. It is also a great way to take pressure off the organiser on the day, as our Butlers in the Buff will make and serve cocktails, make and serve food, welcome guests and take photographs with everyone. Get a quote today to add that extra spark to your Christmas party.

Tip 3: Get everyone in your workplace to contributebutlers in the buff christmas

If you work in a large company then why not get your colleagues to put their ideas into a collection pot and you can then look at them for inspiration (and to also gather what people will enjoy and won’t enjoy)! If there is only a small group of colleagues then why not get their input and you can all plan together. It shares out the responsibilities and can also be a fun and bonding exercise before you actually celebrate the end of the year!

Tip 4: Let your colleagues know what is happening

If you are the sole organiser of your works Christmas party then you are going to get asked a lot of questions and probably will end up repeating yourself a lot! A great idea for a large company is to send out a newsletter style email to inform all colleagues of the itinerary for the party. You may want to keep a few things as a surprise (such as some gorgeous Butlers and Butlerettes ready to greet your guests with cocktails on the day), but in the end this will save you a lot of hassle and repeating yourself.

Tip 5: Have fun and relaxoffice christmas party ideas

At the end of the day, you are the one who has offered or been handed over the responsibility of organising the works Christmas party so it is up to you. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to do something a little bit outlandish or silly – everyone needs a chance to relax and celebrate in style! Don’t let it stress you out, if things aren’t going to plan get others to help you and spread the workload. And most of all – just enjoy the party itself and raise a glass to all your hard work in the past year!

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