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Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

12 Nov 2012

Festive Fox & Hound Pub Crawl

christmas pub crawlGather a group of fun loving friends (girls and boys) and organise a festive fox & hound pub crawl.
Decide on a route through town which has some good pubs and bars on the way and write down the names and order of pubs in which you’ll be visiting and distribute to your fellow ‘pub crawlers’.
The girls then set off about 20/30 minutes before the boys and the aim of the game is for the boys to catch the girls up but each team must stop in every pub for a certain amount of drinks in each one. No cheating!
christmas kissesIf a girl on the pub crawl gets caught by a boy she must give him a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe! You can include fancy dress if you like! The perfect alternative festive pub crawl!

An Alternative Fancy Dress Party

strictly fancy dressForget the usual Santa and elf fancy dress code, and mix it up a bit. Think about what is current at the time of your festive bash and create a fun and fabulous theme around that. How about a Downton Abbey VS Strictly Come Dancing theme?

cropped_downtonThe girls can either go in French maid or sparkling and sassy lycra dresses and the boys can go suited and booted like a true Downton footman or in sequined shirts and very tight trousers, if they’re into that sort of thing!

Butler in the BuffDon’t forget, for historical sake (obviously) it would be effective and very interesting to compare Butlers from the Downton era to Butlers from the 21st century, therefore hire a Butler in the Buff and a pair of Butlerettes to help serve drinks and get the party going! The perfect alternative Christmas party!

A Wintery Christmas BBQ

CHRISTMAS BBQThere’s no reason why your barbeque should be shining star in the summer months and left to rust in a dark garage during the winter. Hold a winter BBQ; guaranteed it’ll be probably the only one your guests will go to this Christmas, ensure to broadcast a dress code of plenty of woolly jumpers, coats, hats and gloves to your guests though. Whip up some warming drinks such as mulled wine & warm winter Pimms to keep your guests toasty, if you have a heat lamp or a similar device make sure to whack that on high, if not a fire grate or some blankets dotted about.

CHRISTMAS HATLeave the men to do what men love to do and cook the meat whilst you and the girls catch up and nibble on scrumptious festive finger food. If it all does get too unbearably chilly then there’s no reason you and your guests can’t eat inside.

We think a Butler in the Buff would be perfect for this event although we do have our Butlers best interest at heart therefore maybe book him to arrive at the after party indoors, the poor little mite would be frozen stiff outside in his minimal clothing! A great festive twist on a summer classic!

Festive Safari Dinner Party

CHRISTMAS DINNER PARTYArrange 3 houses of friends which are in close proximity to each other and decide which house is doing which course. (It would make sense to do the courses in order of the houses) So, the first house provides a smashing starter and drinks then everybody totters along to the next house where the main course is served and of course some more drinks then finally everybody stumbles to the third and final abode for a delicious festive desert! It mixes the evening up and odds are you will be sitting next to completely different people at each course!

Butler in the BuffButlers in the Buff and Butlerettes would be perfect at any of the houses to serve food and drinks or if you’re feeling flash you could have one waiting for you to take your coat at each house! The perfect unusual festive dinner party!

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