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Summer Hen Party Games

4 Mar 2015

hen_party_gamesA bride-to-be will often invite a huge array of guests to her hen party. Most of the time, her guests, who might be from several different generations, have never met before and conversation could be a little stilted. This is why hen party games are so important! They break the ice and help guests to bond over funny memories and new experiences. In addition to this, hosting a games’ night is so simple, especially when you have the right inspiration.


Our Butlers in the Buff have become experts in hosting games’ nights so we always listen to their feedback for new ideas in order to help you make the most of your hen party! Because we have butlers all over the world we are constantly research games and activities that are popular. So this is a list of summery hen party games that are currently at the top of our favourites!

Mr and Mrs Quiz

hen-party-gamesThis is probably the number one party game. It is a true test of how well the almost-newly-weds know each other. Before the hen party ask the groom-to-be questions about himself, his fiancée and their relationship. On the games night, ask the hen the same questions and see how many she gets correct! Any mistakes need a forfeit! Make the game a bit more competitive and have a butler act as a bookie to record any bets made on how many the bride-to-be gets right! We’ve been told that this has sometimes been filmed and shown at the wedding reception, making great entertainment for the audience as well as an incredibly sentimental memory. There is a downloaded PDF of some questions we think work well!

Wedding Dress Game

wedding_dress_gameA hilariously creative race to design the best wedding gown! Split you hen party into groups and equip them with tissue paper, toilet roll, scraps of material and ribbon. Set a time limit and get those creative cogs working. Even if you don’t think you are particularly artistic, we are sure everyone can come up with something inventive. Think about flower bouquets and decorative veils!


Wine Game

wine_hen-party-gamesThis is an interesting, uncomplicated game for girls who love wine! All your guests must bring a bottle of wine with the label covered (we suggest putting the bottles in paper bags). Everyone at your hen party tastes each bottle of wine and votes for their favourite. The bottle with the most votes wins! And the owner tells the rest of the party its price. We’ve had a couple of shocks!!

Hen party sports day

hen-party-gamesA little bit of friendly competition is always fun so organising an old fashioned sports day will have everyone reminiscing their school years. We encourage you to go all out by awarding medals for the winners and insisting that your guests don traditional school PE kits. If you don’t have a garden, or space is limited, don’t be afraid to relocate into a park! We’re sure you remember the races you took part in, but here is a little reminder…

  • 100m race
  • Three legged race
  • Sack race
  • Skipping race
  • Tug of war
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Long jump
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Wellie wanging

Camp Fire Bridal Stories

hen_party_gamesThis could be an opportunity where everyone really gets to know each other at the hen party! Essentially, the premise of the game is that everyone anonymously jots down stories about the bride on bits of paper and places them in a hat to be mixed up. Everyone takes a story from the pile and takes turns reading them to the group. The bride has to guess who wrote that particular story, and the author can choose to reveal more details if necessary. Of course, the stories can be as innocent or as naughty as the author decides, for example sharing a story about how they first met, or an unusual story about a man the bride-to-be used to date.

Our butlers are experts in hosting a hen party games night, and know exactly how to clarify all the rules. One butler would help your night run smoothly. Two would make it a little bit cheekier!


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