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Prosecco Pong – the latest hen party game craze!

2 Aug 2017

Prosecco Pong – the latest hen party game craze!

Move over beer, there is a new drinking game in town: Prosecco Pong!

Add some fizz to the classic party game with our all-new Prosecco Pong gift set, ideal for hen parties boozy brunches with friends or summertime barbecues with the family.

Each gift box comes with 12 prosecco glasses and 3 neon pink ping pong balls, everything you need to throw your own prosecco pong party.

Simple add a little prosecco and let the fun begin! It’s a sparkling gift for just about anyone who loves a glass of sparkling prosecco to celebrate good times.  BUY PROSECCO PONG HERE

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