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Hen parties in the UK to beat any far flung trip!

11 Nov 2012
If you’re instantly dismissing the UK, sit back and picture the scene….a tropical isle 003-Exeter-Ladies-lunch-party-ideas-devon_optsurrounded by clear blue water. You can feel the sand between your toes and the sun beating down on your face. Sound perfect? Now picture the reality. Budget airlines, delayed flights, cheap accommodation and mingling with the latest onset of 18-30s patrons and flying home with the mother of all hangovers. The recipe of many hen party abroad deals may not live up to your dream of the perfect getaway.
Does the abroad option seem so attractive now? Do you really need to leave the UK to achieve your dream hen party? No you don’t. We have plenty of lovely beaches to choose from across England, Wales and Scotland.
Why not choose the Gower peninsula in South Wales, or head to the idyllic beaches of North Devon; Croyde maybe or head to Newquay or Bude in Cornwall. Norfolk and Kent offer some fantastic seaside locations. Did you know Edinburgh has a beach, try Cramond beach? Or if you fancy something central the Cotswolds and Derbyshire are home to some fabulous luxury cottages. A home grown H.E.N Party has everything a bridal party could require


HEN IDEAS BRIGHTONH. H stands for Home. Home is where the heart is. A good hen party requires the most basic element to be successful. Your nearest and dearest, friends and family. No matter what the location, if you’re with the right people it will be a success. By holding your hen party at home the chances are more people will be able to come. Finding a babysitter for an evening is much easier than finding one for 3 days or a week.


e_opt.gifE. E is for Entertainment. The UK can provide a backdrop for any secret hen party desire. Want to party the night away? Why not try Newcastle, the party capital of the North. Fancy a more civilised day out? Try your luck with a day at the races, Newmarket or Cheltenham to name a couple. Or if you’re in desperate need of relaxation before your big day, check in to a spa and have your stress massaged away. Chocolate making, cocktail classes, knickers cried the duchess, dance lessons, pottery or just a good old pub lunch. The possibilities are endless.


n_1_lg_opt.gif-1N. N is for Naughty but Nice. An element which all good hen parties should contain. Whether you want it simple and low key or wild and outrageous, add a bit of cheeky glamour by hiring a couple of Butlers in the Buff. Wearing nothing but a tiny apron, bow tie and cuffs, these toned hunks can lift the ambience of any gathering in any desired location. From serving drinks to providing witty banter your Butler will be at your beck and call to be the icing on the cake for your hen party.

You don’t need to go overseas to find what you’re looking for, everything you need is right here within your grasp. Big or small, intimate or extravagant, the UK has something for everyone. Just remember the key factors of a H.E.N Party.

The biggest reason to stay in this country is that you can’t get the original and the best Butlers in the Buff in Europe (yet!). Florida, Vancouver and across Australia yes but that’s a pretty extravagant weekend away!

To book Butlers in the Buff across the UK call 01273 590820 or get a quote here.

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