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5 Great Hen Party Games Ideas

28 Jul 2014

Hen party idea #1 White Wedding

hen party gamesThis game is not strictly reserved for people with flair for wedding dress designing. Just a little bit of ingenuity and willingness to create something fun is enough. It is a team game.  Send each team to a different room or different ends of the room if space is limited in your hen party accommodation.  They will be provided with materials for their creation; white toilet roll/ newspaper, white Bin bags and sellotape) and then set a time limit.

If you need an incentive to create this unique wedding dress you can use help of one of our gorgeous Buff Butlers as a model. Splendid results and laughter are guaranteed!

Hen party idea #2 Mr & Mrs Quiz questions

mr_and_mrs_quiz question, hen party gamesThis “he said-she said” game can make you and the hen burst out laughing! You will need three copies of question sheet. Have the future “Mr” fill in his answers beforehand.  Then the “Mrs” answer the questions at the party and compare the answers.  You can have more fun by involving your Butler to record cash bets on how many the-bride-to-be gets right. Or dish out forefeits for incorrect answers.

Here are some example Mr & Mrs Quiz questions:

1. Who is her celebrity crush?

2. What is your first memory of her?

3. On your first date, who bought the first drink?

4. If you could be famous, who would you be?

5. What is your favourite part of her anatomy?

6. What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done for her?

7. What is the naughtiest place you have had sex together?

8. If you could be a wild animal, what would it be?

9. Who is your favourite all time sports person?

10. What is her best feature?

11. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

12. What is your worst habit?

13. What is your favourite sexual position?

14. Where is your favourite place in the world?

15. What was your most embarrassing moment at school?

16. What is your favourite experience together?

17. What would be your most romantic night together?

18. What is her favourite sexual position?

19. What 3 things can you remember about your first date?

20. What is her pet name for your penis?

Hen party idea #3 Get your virginity back

hen party games, hen party ideasNo worries! There won’t be any surgical intervention.  It can be done with your tongue 😉 Make sure you have enough low ball glasses for your guests, whipping cream, Maraschino cherries and a drizzle of different liquors. Ask your Butler in the Buff to fill each glass with the whipped cream and hide the cherry inside the layers before topping it with a drizzle of  the liquor. He can then pass around the glasses and referee the game. Players may use only their tongues to retrieve the cherry, which must exit the glass.

Hen party idea #4 Balloon Challenge

hen party games, Before your hen party get a pack of balloons or condoms, if you prefer. Make sure you don’t forget small pieces of paper and a pen. Ask your friends to write down questions or forfeits on small pieces of papers that can be rolled up and placed inside the balloon before it’s blown up. At certain points of your hen party each balloon should be pierced by hen and she must answer the question or follow the instruction. You can also ask your Butler in the Buff to keep the game going on by presenting every other balloon to one of your guests.

Hen party idea #5 Kiss my…

lipstick_kiss_opt; hen party games, The aim of this game is to leave as many juicy kiss prints as you can on the poster of your heart-throb and there is no restriction about the place where you will plant it! This will warm up the atmosphere at your hen party. Don’t forget to ask your Butler in the Buff to blind fold participants, spin and let them go. The game ends when there is no space left for another kiss print.

Enjoy and for more hen party games ideas click here

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