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The Most Interesting Things Butlers Are Asked To Wear

19 Nov 2014

Of course, they look great as they are, but that doesn’t stop party guests from ‘customising’ their butler for added ‘va va voom’. And our ever-obliging butlers are always happy to comply. Here’s a rundown of the top outfits that our topless, modern-day Jeeves are asked to sport.

Lifeguard shorts

lifeguard-hen-party-themeAah yes, the classic Baywatch fantasy. Cue one buff lifeguard bounding down the beach (in slow-motion, of course) to save a life. But who needs an ocean to recreate the moment? Our butlers regularly swap their apron for a pair of red shorts to rescue maidens in distress – sometimes to the theme tune.

Scottish tam-o-shanter

Particularly popular when the hubby-to-be is a redhead. The tartan hat and ginger wig combo is enough to get many women doing a Highland fling. Add a kilt and a peachy bottom and even Hadrian’s Wall couldn’t hot_scotsmen_optkeep these party-goers away. scottish-hen-theme-partyElvis outfit

elvis-hen-party-themeWe’re talking about the lip-curling, hip-swivelling, eyes-smouldering Elvis we all know and love; rather than the sad, bloated version of himself he became later in life. As you would imagine, all our butlers carry off a diamond-encrusted jumpsuit rather well. And in the words of the King himself, that means it’s time for a little less conversation, a little more action…


sailor-hat-hen-hot-menSailors, cowboys, soldiers and headmasters – they all have one thing in common. That’s right, they wear hats and make many women go weak at the knees. Our butlers are often asked to don an item of headwear and act the part.

50 Shades of Grey

christian-grey-Jamie-Dornan-hen-party-themeLove him or hate him, Christian Grey always divides opinion. The women he allures see past his many faults and fantasise about this fictional man dominating their lives for an hour or two. Would you like a Christian-a-like at your next bash?

What will your ask your Butlers in the Buff to don?

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