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Adult Party Themes

15 Nov 2012

Whenever you Google birthday party ideas it seems to flood you with hundreds of great party dogideas…. for children! Therefore we thought we would do some brain storming and internet searching to present to you a blog full of wild and wonderful ideas to make whatever wild and wonderful occasion that you are celebrating a unique rip roaring success!

 Leaving Do

leaving partyDry your tears and give whoever it is flying the nest a jolly good send off! How about hiring a section of a chic wine bar and gathering all of their friends and family to bid them a fond farewell. If you’re hiring a private area and your party is for someone who would be partial to a charming and gorgeous man waiting on them all evening then get a Butler in the Buff! It will be a party they will always remember when in their pastures new.
leaving partyYou could even make it a surprise, maybe let the Butler wait for them at the entrance and escort them into the venue where they will find their nearest and dearest waiting to celebrate with them!


Matchmaking dinner party

matchmaking partyAre you itching to play cupid? Are you adamant that two people you know could be a match made in heaven if they just had a little push in the right direction?! Then throw a matchmaking dinner party and watch the sparks fly! Obviously the main attention to detail will lie in the seating arrangements with you at the head to oversee your clever work! Cook up a romantic feast accompanied with plenty of wine and let the evening unfold. A few table games could liven things up and loosen up your guests into revealing naughty facts about themselves that may just lure in the intended target!

dinnerpartyIf you feel as though things need mixing up, make the gentlemen around the table to move two places to their left between each course, that way everybody should get to speak to a few potential singletons. Remember, you won’t want to miss any potential romantic moments between your guests by spending all of your time battling with the oven in the kitchen. Therefore firstly, cook something simple and secondly hire a Butler in the Buff! He will take all the pressure of serving away and keep everybody’s glasses topped up! Even more, your female guests may wonder what their intended match would look like scantily clad and the rest would be history…fingers crossed.
The following day send a group email around to all your guests thanking them for coming and that you hoped they enjoyed their evening; attach the guest list with everybody’s email addresses so people can make contact if they were too shy to the evening before.

Office Party

office partyForget all the ‘rules’ about behaving yourself at your office party, go wild! Kiss as many colleagues as you can, drink like a fish, insist on a promotion and make a bee line for the karaoke machine! To make it more interesting and to reveal the true colours of some of your work mates throw a few party games into the mix such as Employee Awards, Secret Santa, Never Have I Ever and Wink Murder. It will help colleagues bond and it beats standing around talking about next month’s target. You never know, Steve from the IT department could very well be your new best friend waiting to be discovered.
Also, make sure you have a good venue for the party; nobody is fooled into believing that the office with the desks and chairs pushed to the side of the room is the next hot spot. Maybe choose a venue in town so the youth of the workforce can carry on the night into the early hours if they like!

Divorce Celebratory Party

divorce partyYou have just kissed goodbye to the ball and chain in your life and welcomed back your single years- you are a new woman! Celebrate your new beginning! Get your best friends round and tell them to bring tequila not tissues. Ensure that your music playlist is chock block with independent women and girl power songs and get the party started. Have a celebratory cake, copious amounts of wine and cocktails and all talk of romance is banned. Trash your wedding dress, burn his photographs and get drunk.

divorce cakeWhat better way to realise that there are plenty more, probably better looking, fish in the sea than hiring one of our gorgeous Butlers in the Buff. With their pecks, bum cheeks, charming and cheeky personality you will soon forget all about your ex husband and realise that onwards and upwards is definitely the way forward.

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