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Win an i-Pad Mini with the Bench the Bride Video Competition!

12 Sep 2014

‘Bench the Bride’

Video Competition


Having seen the hilarious videos from the ICE Bucket challenge and lots of other amusing footage we get from customers we have launched a film comptetition called…

win an ipad mini hen party ideas edinburghBench the Bride!

We would like our clients around the globe to send us amusing action footage taken of your buff butlers at your events!

The footage (short or long) will be published on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites then  the clip with the most re-tweets, shares or likes in total by Christmas WINS an IPad mini for YOU and one for the BUTLER.

Although the competition is called Bench the Bride the clips dont have to be of your buff butler/s bench pressing the hen (so dont worry!).  We’d like intersting/amusing/ funny short videoclips that we can use on our online to see show off our Buff Butlers in action and the amazing parties you put together!

How about filming the surprise reactions as the Buff Butlers walk in, group bottom wiggles, how strong are your butlers – drop and give me 20!  Funny dance moves, the hilarious outfits and games you get our handsome hunks involved in!

Watch the launch video here!

Here are the rules:

Short videos

  • Please do not swear (as Divina McCall would say)
  • Check your lighting is good
  • Don’t be shy on showing us butlers bottoms!
  • Several videos can be entered – the more the better!
  • Email clips: or post directly to our facebook page.
  • Footage with the most shares, likes, re-tweets in total by Christmas wins an iPad mini for the bride and one for the butler.
  • These clips will be put onthe inter-web.
  • Be creative
  • Enjoy yourselves! Don’t be shy!
  • Tell all your friends to like your video!  The more likes/shares/retweets in total the better your chances of winning
  • The number of likes, retweets, shares etc. across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will be added together to give a total number. Highest number wins.
  • In a Tiebreaker situation – the contest will be extended for a further 24 hours and the most number after the 24hrs will win.  If still a draw, names will be out in a hat and drawn.

Send your video clips to or post directly to our Facebook pages:

Or upload to your country’s Facebook page:


The most likes/shares/retweets wins so get your friends involved!!

3, 2, 1…. Action!

Remember sharing is caring ; ) xx

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