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Top Tips for a smooth running Planning a Hen Party

15 Jan 2015

1. Don’t humiliate the Hen. Make sure that what you do for her is within her comfort zone, if you are unsure, ask her to make a list of things she would love to do, and hate to do. That way you can ensure she will be prepared for only good surprises!

2. Add a little fun to the evening, whether that be having Butlers in the Buff serving food and drinks or through cheeky accessories that the Hen and guests can wear during the party.


3. Ensure everyone’s tummy’s are full, you don’t want hungry guests, and it’s not advised to party on an empty stomach! Start the evening off with a slap up meal at the hens fave restaurant.

4. If you’re moving between venues make sure transport is organised and on time. Whether you take a taxi, or a limo you don’t want to make everyone wait around.

5. Provide a little memento for guests at the end of the night to remind them of the Hen night. Why not get some professional photos done, or some personalised wine glasses with names & dates?

6. Remind the Hen that it’s her last night of ‘freedom’ so make sure she has fun (within reason of course!).

7. Choose a theme! All wear something in the hens favourite colour, or dress up from the hens favourite era!


8. Remember not everyone will be in the same spirit as the Hen so try and have activities and games on standby that everyone will enjoy.

9. If you’re all heading to a club or bar ensure that they know a big group is arriving so you can avoid queuing up, and make sure you mention it’s a hen night, you might even get a free bottle of bubbly!

10. Not everyone will know each other so get the girls to mingle. Party games are a great way to break the ice or try asking how each person knows the Hen.

11. Make sure you spoil the hen throughout the night! After-all, this party is in honour of her!

12. If the party is at home keep the room organised – clear empty glasses and plates and keep the kitchen and drinks area organised and tidy. Why not hire a butler to do some of the work for you!?

13. Make sure you book everything in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly!

14. Communicate with the other guests! When you book an activity or you decide to change something, keep them as up to date as possible. Make sure everyone knows the name of the nightclub, hotel, and even the street names, just incase!

15. Most importantly….HAVE FUN!!

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