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Top 5 Hen Party Ideas Brighton

13 Jun 2016

Check Out Our Top 5 Hen Party Ideas Brighton

treasure-hunt-hen-party-ideas-brighton-naked-butlers-in-the-buffHen Party Ideas Brighton # 1

Are you trying to find hen party ideas Brighton?  We think organising a scavenger hunt is a great way to get a group of hens working together and bonding and it gets you out and about in the local area and Brighton is a great place to visit for a hen party.  All you need to do it set out a series of challenges and tasks for the hens.  It could be to get a photo at a certain landmark or with a certain type of person, or it might be to find and collect certain items.   You can make it as innocent or as naughty as you want it to be.  You can split the group up in to 2 teams and send them on their way.

Hen Party Ideas Brighton # 2


hen-party-ideas-brighton-naked-butlers-in-the-buffTry a Karaoke night if you are looking for hen party ideas Brighton.  It’s a great way to bond with the girls and make fools of your selves behind closed doors.  Sing all the hens favourite songs and she will be guaranteed a night out to remember with all of her favourite people.


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hen-party-ideas-brighton-naked-butlers-in-the-buffHen Party Ideas Brighton# 3

Hen party ideas Brighton suggestion number three, try one of our cocktail packages.  Get taught how to make cocktails by a trained professional cocktail bartender or go for our all inclusive package and have a cocktail bartender make cocktails for you in your home or a property or apartment you have rented for the weekend.  They bring everything with them so you don’t have to do a thing.


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Hen Party Ideas Brighton # 4

One great hen party idea for Brighton is simply to have a day on the beach.  Organise a picnic, pack the cold box with booze and away you go.  You could set up a school sports day to add an element of competition between the girls or just enjoy relaxing by the sea and checking out the Pier.

beach-day-hen-party-ideas-brighton-naked-butlers-in-the-buffHen Party Ideas Brighton # 5

If you are looking for cool hen party ideas Brighton then look no further than Proud Cabaret . It is one of the best nights out in Brighton and possibly the South East.  You will all have a great time at a very memorable venue.

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If you’d like to see more hen party ideas in action and, of course, our hot naked butlers, check our photo and video galleries here!

Brighton hen party ideas from Naked Butlers in the Buff

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