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Top 3 Naughty but Nice Foodie Hen Party Ideas!

27 Feb 2013

Let’s face it some of us aren’t really clubbing hens. Not really and especially not every weekend or heaven forbid every hen party. Some of us like nothing better than a bottle of wine, a group of great friends and a well cooked meal. Some of us are foodies but just because we are, doesn’t mean our hen parties have to be “Delia Smith innocent”.  After all, food is actually quite sexy so why can’t a foodie hen party be naughty? Well it can be! So to help all the cheeky foodies out there, we’ve listed our top 3 favourite ways to spice up your foodie hen do

Cocktail Making

A hugely popular activity that teaches hens how to shake and stir things up – literally! During this experience you’ll learn how to professionally roll, dash and float cocktails as well as go head to head against the other hens in a boozy cocktail competition! To add some extra fun to the night, we suggest adding a cheeky butler in the buff to serve up the drinks and keep the evening giggly and going till the early hours!

Chocolate Making

Sweet, sticky and sinfully delicious – we’re just talking about the chocolate making here! Add in the butlers and his then activity practically doubles in laughter and fun! You and your hens will learn all the tricks and tips of the trade from a professional chocolatier. You’ll make chocolate truffles and learn that all important skill – how to temper chocolate. Then to really top off the event, you can get your hunky butler to serve you drinks, chocolate and even wash up afterwards!

Private Chef

You could hire a professional chef to come to your house and give you and your hens a private cooking lesson. Or if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty (and we don’t blame you) you could just watch, wait and enjoy being served drinks and snacks by your own personal butler. Then when your meal is done, you and the girls can sit down and enjoy a relaxed evening of delicious, professionally cooked food served by the ever present mouth-wateringly hot butler.  Trust us, as far as hen nights go, this is the best way to spend one!

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