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Summer Hen party Ideas part 3

21 Jun 2018

Summer Hen Party Idea Part 3: Party Themes

If you’re stuck for summer party themes then look no further, we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated three of our favourite party themes that would be perfect for any summer Hen Party, baby shower, or celebration.  If you need more Hen Party inspiration why not look through our other summer hen party ideas blog posts. Although the themes are great they become even better when you throw in a hunky butler or two!

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Festival Chic!

Butlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- festival lightingWith Glastonbury Festival not taking place this year, why not thrown your own festival party instead. If you want to make the event extra special, and money is no object, then you can really go to town with this idea- think food vans, cotton candy machines, a couple of tepees to create a glamping area, a bonfire and some fireworks. However all you really need is some glitter, fairy lights, a good playlist, and a bit of creative imagination.

Be sure to tell all of your guests that the dress code is festival chic, so think colourful, floral patterns and flower crowns. You could even set up a glitter area for everyone once they’ve arrived so your guest can add an extra bit of festival sparkle to their outfits!

Lighting is a great way to create a bit of a festival atmosphere so whether you buy some giant candles, lanterns or some fairy lights you’ll be sure to impress your guests. If you’ve got a large tree in your garden then why not wrap some fairy lights all the way up the truck to really add a sense of festival magic!Butlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- festival lighting

Food and drink is an easy one for a festival Party. All you need to keep your guests fed is a BBQ and a burger station filled with salad, conditments and cheese, so everyone can create their own deluxe festival burger. As for drinks you can create a couple of large jugs of Pimms, or different cocktails that everyone can help themselves too, as well as a stash of beers and ciders in a bucket full of ice to keep everyone happy!

If you fancy getting some accessories or decorations to make your festival as authentic as possible then head over to Etsy, which is filled with loads of great hen party festival gear that will take you’re your party to the next level, for example these Hen Party Festival Wristbands!

Butlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- festival lightingButlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- festival lighting








Why not consider booking some of our hunky butlers to pretend to be the festivals bouncers to give your guests a bit of a shock!

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Floral/ Greenery

Butlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- floralFlorals and Greenery themed parties are all the rage this summer! They can also be as simple as you like but still look really effective. Head to a local florist and pick up a whole load of greenery that you can use as table decoration, or if you are lucky enough to live in the country side you can collect your own from hedgerows etc. Once you’ve got enough greenery to create a centrepiece then you just need some flowers to stand out amongst the greenery. You can easily do this by buying a bouquet of flowers, or two, separating them and then layer the flowers in amongst the greenery. This creates a really simple and effective table decoration that will be sure to impress.

Butlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- floralButlers in the buff- summer hen party ideas- floral


You can also pick out loads of great decorations and accessories from supermarkets and high street shops or on amazon. For example floral paper plates and napkins, floral bunting to decorate the walls, and other summery details.

To really impress your guests you can freeze some edible flowers in with the ice cubes which will look great floating in a cocktail!

For more inspiration on all things floral head over to Pinterest for some great ideas. Or book on of our Hunky Butlers to make the flowers really pop, just like in the photo below!

launch party corporate party butlers

Pompoms and ribbons

This is another great theme if you are planning on having an outdoor party. It’s also really simple and cost effective. All you need to do is head to an arts and crafts shop and pick up a selection of different coloured ribbon, it can be material or crepe paper, whatever takes your fancy really. Then just simply hang the ribbon all around your garden, in trees, around windows and doorways, on the decking etc. Alongside this you can also order tissue paper pompoms from places like Amazon, which hang from the trees and look great in among the ribbons.

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