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The History Of The Hen Party

12 Nov 2014

Today’s pre-wedding celebrations could last a night, a weekend or even longer and are bighen party idea bristol business. Even the economic downturn was not enough to quell the flow of cocktails and the lure of a bare bottom or two at a hen party. But when did it all start?

While some believe the tradition of the stag party dates back to Tudor times, inequality of sexes meant that the women didn’t really get a look in until much later. The phrase ‘hen party’ can be traced back to the 1800s when it was used to describe a gathering of women, but at that time it had no wedding connection. The 19th century hen party was all about sipping tea, having a gossip and wearing smart hats. Today it is all of the above with added bubbles and glitz.

hen-party_optHen dos (as we know them today) only really became popular in the 1970s and 1980s and were tied to the sexual revolution of the sixties. In fact, pre-the 1990s you would have been hard pressed to find the now ‘classic’ hen party activities such as paintballing, pole dancing and chocolate making on offer.

The hen party has evolved over the decades, starting as a night in with a few babychams in the ‘70s and ‘80s, to a night out in the ‘90s, to a weekend away in the noughties and beyond.

hen-party-ideasAs tastes evolve, so too do the expectations attached to hen parties. Gone are the days when a bar crawl and a few L-plates will suffice. Today’s brides-to-be want a more tasteful send off – with a few ‘tasteful’ surprises thrown in for good measure. A Butler in the Buff is the perfect way to keep the ‘entertainment’ sophisticated whilst not forgetting the key ingredients of a good hen do – friends, fun and a cheeky surprise (or two).

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