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Hen Party Gifts, Top 6 Ideas

4 Nov 2014

A hen party is all about the bride-to-be and to make her feel even more special it’s customary to give a gift. Of course, you want it to be the right one – after all she’s your friend, she’s throwing a party and she’s about to tie the knot. Your present doesn’t have to cost the earth to be memorable, you just need to give it some thought. Whether you choose to go for a traditional, glamourous, comic or rude theme, there is a present to put a smile on your friend’s face. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favourites:

Top hen party gift idea: Number 1


This is a great way to make your gift into a game. Each hen gives the bride-to-be a piece of underwear and she has to guess who that item is from. A red Brazilian, lacy thong or control pants – what will your choice of lingerie say about you?

Top hen party gift idea: Number 2

photobook_hen_party_gift_IdeasGet personal:

Why not give a gift that will be a lasting memento of the party? One idea is for all the guests to decorate a plate with messages, doodles and jokes. Variations on this theme include ‘fill me in’ party posters, words of wisdom notelets or a book you all write in. Or why not get everyone to send in favourite photos or them and the bride to be and create a memories photo book.

Top hen party gift idea: Number 3

bride-to-be_hen_party_gift_IdeasCollective gift:

You might choose to club together with other guests to buy your friend something extra special. From a piece of jewellery to a voucher for a spa day, your collective pot of cash goes that little bit further.

Top hen party gift idea: Number 4



If the bride-to-be enjoys a good party, a bottle of bubbly will always go down well. This is also a great gift if you are unable to make the party but want to make sure things go with a swing. You might want to complement it with a hangover remedy kit (think eye mask, candles, bath soak and tummy settlers) to help her the morning after.

Top hen party gift idea: Number 5

penis-pasta-_hen_party_gift_IdeasPenis paraphernalia:

A list of hen party gifts would be incomplete without a phallic reference or two. There really is no end to the amount of pecker-shaped products out there. Guaranteed to raise a giggle – as well as the odd eyebrow – you can choose from willy chocolates, mints, lollies, pasta, ice-cube trays, straws, candles and cutlery… You get the idea.

Top hen party gift idea: Number 6

perfect_hen_party_gift_IdeasA Buff Butler:

Forget the all-out strip, give your friend something far more appealing (and useful) in the form of a butler in the buff. Wearing just enough to save too many blushes, a cheeky semi-naked butler will spice up any night.

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If you are only going to buy one thing make sure it’s a Butler in the Buff!  Of course, we are biased so if you don’t believe us jsut read some of the testimonials sent in by real clients. Or visit our facebook page.

“WOW!! The guys were great!

Our bride to be and all her guests really enjoyed Alan and Dan.  So much so, that the news of their departure at 19:00 was met with a resounding disappointed “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh”.

They guys were extremely charming and attentive yet still remained classy and professional.  They definitely were both very gorgeous.  The Bride-to-be most certainly giggled the most, followed closely by her own mother.

They were great sports, even offering to be the models in our wedding dress game and entertaining our ‘male’ guests.  Thanks again for helping me make it a day the Bride-to-be will never forget (her words).

P.S. All the ladies are still talking about the party and I really hope they will book you guys in the future.  I definitely will for the next one I do.”  Lauren.

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