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Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas and Themes

26 Apr 2013
Fancy Dress IdeasThe best thing when deciding on fancy dress ideas for the hen weekend is to keep your hen in mind. Think of her favourite things old and new. Make sure she stands out the most but also feels comfortable in her outfit. If it’s relevant to the bride-to-be it’s a great story for the all the hen party as everyone will want to know why.

If your still stuck then read on for great and unique hen party fancy dress ideas with a twist, one of our Butlers in the Buff would also be great to have around for the pre-party to take photos, serve drinks and provide lots of giggles.

‘Angel/ Devil’ Hen Party Fancy Dress Idea

Get all the girls to decide whether they want to be an angel or a devil? Make them all keep it a surprise and get your hen to pick who she thinks will choose which outfit before the hen party. Keep her answers then read them out as a game before you all head out – our butlers make great quiz masters too!

‘Convict/Prison Officer’ Hen Party Fancy Dress Idea

Convict Hen Party Fancy DressGive the Bride-to-be a get out of jail free card! Make the hen dress as a on the run convict and all the rest of you are prison officers searching for her. Makes a great idea to single out the hen at her hen party, alternatively you could swap it and make her the officer looking for all her prisoners.

‘Childhood Classic’ Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Princess Hen Party IdeasIf you have a large group then Brownie Guides makes a fabulous hen party idea, make the bride-to-be the ‘Brown Owl’ leader of the guides and don’t forget to be creative with your badges!

Disney Princesses is a great girly theme, everyone has to dress up as their favourite character, or favourite pop star, superhero, film star or cartoon character makes great conversation starters, while also revealing all the bride-to-be’s embarrassing childhood stories.

‘Pick a Decade/Country/Colour Out of the Hat’ Hen Party Fancy Dress Idea

FD_-_HA_optGet all the ladies together before the hen weekend and choose a subject that the fancy dress will be. Favourites are various colours, countries or decades. Pop the answers in a hat and get the girls in turn to pick one out, whatever they pick is what that individual dresses up in. Make sure if its colours they are head to toe in it. If it’s Countries then include exotics like Hawaii, Jamaica and India! Decades right from the 1920’s through to 2000’s – get the girls to pair up if you have a larger hen group.

‘Where you’re Born’ Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

FD_-_Robin_hood_optMake the group dress up in stereotypical outfits from whatever county they were born in. This fancy dress is perfect if you have friends and family from all over the UK, from the highlands to the lowlands there will be some memorable local outfits, perhaps choose something the county is famous for or what it is known for best – Worcester sauce, Robin Hood, Farmer Giles or Guinness anybody?

Butlers_12594_optEmbarrassing the hen is all part of the fun on the hen party, so we hope these ideas help you think of funny themes, but whatever you choose remember to get one of our yummy Butlers in the Buff to be there before you all head out into the night.

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