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Classy Hen Party Ideas

16 Nov 2012

Cottage in the country

CROPPED_butlersInstead of heading to a city centre, have a tranquil weekend of relaxation before the stress of the big day. As opposed to being groped by lager louts in a sticky floored club spend your evenings in quaint country pubs with delicious food and an ambient, rustic atmosphere. Check out Skyes Cottages or The Big Cottage Company for a huge range of properties throughout the UK.

Hot tub cottages for hen partyTo make it even more special why not hire a chef one evening to rustle up something special and a Butler in the Buff would be the perfect candidate to serve the food and drinks. You can even hire cottages with hot tubs, what better way to celebrate your hen weekend than sipping champagne in a hot tub in the middle of the countryside with all your best friends!

Day at the races

Hen party at the racesGet dressed up in your finery and head to the races for the day! Spend the day sipping wine, champagne and munching on canapés whilst picking your favourite horse to bet on and cheering them on to the finish line. It will be a great day out and probably something you don’t usually do with your friends so will be a day to remember!

A day of shopping and wine tasting

Hen party shoppingNo two things go hand in hand better than shopping and wine so what a perfect partnership for a day out on your hen weekend. Spend a few hours leisurely browsing the shops for maybe a honeymoon wardrobe or just a new going out outfit, whatever takes your fancy!

Hen wine tastingThen head to a wine tasting session which can be found all over the country and get tipsy whilst learning something new, even better not a willy straw in sight so you can sip and gurgle your vino like ladies.

Life Drawing Class

Hen life drawingIf you want to cop an eye full of some crown jewels on your wild hen weekend but are far too sophisticated for a stripper then treat your hens to alife drawing class. It’s something that not everyone will have tried before and can be very entertaining. Spend the morning giggling like school girls and discovering your fellow hen’s artistic talents. We may very well be bias but we are pretty sure that the life drawing model won’t be as gorgeous as one of our butlers though so make sure to hire a Butler in the Buff for your evening’s entertainment.

Classy Fancy Dress

If you still want a wild hen night out but without the ‘tarty’ wedding dress, garter and L plates here are some classier fancy dress themes for you and your hens.

Black dress hen party themeLittle Black Dress theme; Get your fellow hens to dig out their favourite little black dresses, every girl has one, team it with a pair of killer heels and you’re good to go. If you want to stand out as the hen then be the only one to wear a brightly coloured dress! Easy and very classy!

Marilyn Monroe hen party fancy dressOld School Hollywood Glamour; Think satin dresses, bejewelled necklaces and glossy locks. Aspire to look as sultry as your favourite Hollywood actresses; will it be Marilyn Monroe, Bridgett Bardow or Audrey Hepburn?

Masquerade; This theme means everybody can wear their favourite party outfits but you will all still be recognisable as a group due to the fantastic creations that your wearing on your face. Once more, it’ll give you an air of mystery and definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

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