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Cardiff Hen Party Ideas

7 Nov 2014

Top 10 ideas for; relaxing, drinking, eating and exploring on your Cardiff Hen Party Weekend. With a cheeky Butler on the side!

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #10. EXPLORE

Cardiff-Hen-Party_Weekend-Sightsee_optThere is so much to see in Cardiff, exploring the cities great landmarks would be a great idea for your Cardiff hen party. Especially if you maybe have one or two of the older generation who aren’t up for paintballing or nude still life drawing! It’s the perfect way to spend a few hours, wandering the streets and taking in some Cardiff culture. The hop on, hop off bus is a great idea if you want to learn a thing or two along your way and, as the name suggests, you can stop and start where you want.  Or try one of the ghost walks at night if you and your hens think your tough enough. If not there are plenty of Art Galleries andMuseums you could take a gentle stroll around.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #9. SOMETHING FUN

If you have a larger Cardiff hen group of very energetic and fun loving hens, try something totally different with a Welsh Games challenge. Compete against each other and battle it out to see who will clamber their way to the top and who will be leek-ed out! This is great entertainment for the whole Cardiff hen party, whether you’ve been friends for years or there’s a mix of new and old, everyone will be laughing their socks off before you know it. You could try paintballing or raft building if you have an adrenaline junkie hen party. Make sure you’re on the winning team to build a raft and then race against each other or have the bride work out some wedding stress by shooting paintballs at her bridesmaids!

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #8. RELAXATION

Cardiff-Hen-Party-Weekend-Spa_optLets face it, with all the wedding pre-planning and organising that is going on, the Bride-to-be might not get a lot of time for herself, to really just relax and take a back seat for a day or two, even just a few hours! If the bride is really feeling the strain why not book a relaxing spa package for her Cardiff hen party weekend. Take some time to really be pampered and relax without feeling like there is a million and one other things to plan, organise and arrange. Those table plans will wait a few days! There are plenty to choose from and you don’t need to be there all day, maybe just a few hours after a morning of activities or travelling. It will really prepare the whole Cardiff hen party for their evening in Cardiff.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #7. COCKTAIL HOUR

Cardiff-Hen-Party-Weekend-Cocktails_optAssuming your cardiff hen party loves a good cocktail – who doesn’t! – a cocktail making masterclass could be the perfect pre-going out activity. There are plenty available in Cardiff to entertain yourself with depending on what kind of atmosphere you would prefer. Whilst making cocktails in a club is all well and good, how would feel about having the cocktails come to you. Butlers in the Buff offers a great cocktail package including; a professional cocktail bar tender to make four cocktails per person, bringing all the ingredients and utensils he may need AND a hunky butler to serve you those cocktails! With this package, your Cardiff hen party can continue relaxing in the comfort of your rented accommodation, finishing off any going out preparations that need to be completed – there’s always one more layer of mascara or one more spritz of hairspray that can be done – whilst be waited on hand and foot by a gorgeous semi-naked butler. Heck, even get him to spray the hair spray and tidy your apartment so there’s no mess when you get back! another perfect Cardiff hen party activity!

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #6. DINNER TIME

Somewhere for a quick and tasty bite to eat, or an easy hangover meal, try Brewdog, they’ve opened a fair few restaurants in 2014 and are well talked about. The Potted Pigwould be great for the hen party ladies who like a good hearty meal, get stuck in to some delicious meals after that day of hard shopping you’ve done! Or for something local and little different, try Mimosa, a great place to eat, chat and drink, it’s everything in one!

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #5. WHERE TO STAY

Holiday cottages or large apartments are a great way spend your hen party in Cardiff that keeps all your hens together. Being able to stay in a large cottage for a couple of days gives you the freedom to plan whatever you want to do on each day and not feel restricted. Being able to head back and relax, cooking a meal together or drinking cocktails in your own space give great freedom. It also means you could have a butler in the buff come out to your cottage for all you Cardiff hen party entertainment! If you like the finer things though and really want to splash out, there are plenty of wonderful places to stay where you would feel more comfortable.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #4. AFTERNOON TEA

Cardiff-Hen-Party-Weekend-Afternoontea_optWhy not relax and have a natter over a spot of afternoon tea. There is nothing better than a gossip over a good cuppa! Treat yourself to some finger sandwiches and darling little pastries whilst you watch the world go by and not worry about it one little bit. There are plenty of hidden little gemsaround Cardiff so there are plenty to choose from. If you fancy something a bit cooler, try some indulgent ice cream with your cup of tea and catch up.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #3. SOMETHING NAUGHTY

Cardiff-Hen-Party-Weekend-Chocolatemaking_optIf your hen party are full of fun and up for a good laugh whilst learning some valuable information try a class of the naughtier kind! Give a seduction class a go and learn a few new tricks to try at home, this is a fun filled class for anyone whether single or like the bride to be your taken. Want something a bit raunchier, try the dominatrix day and really learn some new things! This one is not for the shy type, but would be a great giggle between all your girls. 50 shades of grey has a lot to answer for! Or, maybe try a chocolate making class, its naughty of a different kind.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #2. RETAIL THERAPY

St. David’s Dewi Sant shopping centre is where you will want to be to take advantage of being with all your girls on that hen weekend in Cardiff. With over 150 stores, there is sure to be plenty to keep you occupied for a few hours. Plus there are plenty of places to take a break for a coffee or lunch. Or grab a bargain at the Bridgend Designer Outlet, for something a little more upmarket.

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Idea #1. DANCING SHOES

Cardiff-Hen-Party-Weekend-Dancing_optThere are so many places for all your hens to dance those party shoes off in Cardiff, book one of Glamsprivate booths for all your hens, or Tiger Tiger, Pulseor Retro to get you groove on. Soda Bar is a cocktail bar and nightclub with a stylish, comfortable and more personal atmosphere where your whole group will feel comfortable whether they are eating, drinking or dancing to their own beat.

Whatever your Cardiff hen party activities don’t forget to download the Butlers in the Bufftop hen party games selection.  Whether you’re looking for Mr and Mrs Quiz questions or general hen party games we have them all!

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