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Bristol Hen Party Ideas

12 Nov 2014

Top 10 games, activities, food, drink and cheeky delights! Everything you need for your Bristol Hen Party brought to you by Butlers in the Buff

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #1 Places to Stay

On your Bristol hen party weekend you’ll need somewhere to stay and if there is a large group of you it would be nice to all stay together. There are plenty of Bristolaccommodation options for larger groups that mean your hen party won’t get split up. This is perfect as it means you can bond with the others in the your Bristol hen group.  If you have a mix of old and new friends, you can spend some quality girl time together doing what girls do best – drinking wine and gossiping! If you are more of a hotel fan you won’t need an extensive search to find one, with plenty of Bristol hotels available you can choose from budget to luxury accommodation around the city.

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #2 Dining Out

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Wine_opt-HenIdeas-DrinkingWine-BristolEating-BristolDrinkingChoosing which restaurant to eat in will be difficult and Bristol has so many lovely restaurants so here’s a few ideas. Fro lunch in Bristol, try Grillstock for some slow-cooked meaty greatness while you’re wandering around Bristol’s St Nick’s Market. If you’re in that area and don’t fancy pulled pork, go to bagel boy for an unusually delicious bagel treat. If you’re looking to fill up for the evening and probably the next day, try Bristol’s Za Za Bazaar or Cosmo, especially if you have a large rowdy group of hens who just want to eat drink and be merry! No. 4 Clifton Village is perfect if you fancy a little more fine dining. Or, the Glassboat if you are really going all out on your Bristol hen party weekend. Bristol’s Piccolinos, Brasserie Blanc and the Clifton Sausage are other options for a good feeding on your Bristol hen weekend friends.

Bristol Hen Party Idea #3 Limo Service

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Drinks-with-friends_optIf you’re not sure what to do on your Bristol hen party weekend but want something a little different, why not try a Butlers in the Buff Limo Package. Fancy you and your hens being driven in style, singing your heart out on the karaoke, plus a cheeky butler in tow topping up your champagne? Look no further ladies! Take your pick of vehicle, dependant on the size of your party, and head off around Bristol. Prep your iPod with your hen party playlist and get your party bus groove on! This hour long trip will fly by, so why not book a venue at the other end of your journey and keep your hunky butler for another hour, the butler is free of charge for the second hour! Or, take a round trip from your girly cottage and back and then have your butler continue the entertainment for a further hour, at no extra cost – yes, you read that right – so take advantage of being truly pampered on your hen party weekend Bristol.

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #4 Massage and Relaxation

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Spa_optA relaxing afternoon is the perfect remedy for all that pre-wedding stress and tension. An afternoon at the spa might be just the thing, whether you are staying for the weekend on your hen party in Bristol or you are just there for the day, a trip to the spa can be truly rejuvenating. You may not want to spend an entire day swimming and sweating – this may depend on how much you drank the night before – so you could take a relaxing morning followed by afternoon tea or a bit of retail therapy. If spending the day floating in warm baths, sweating out the tequila you were best friends with the night before and getting a massage or your nails done takes your fancy, book somewhere for the day. It’s not often we get time in our busy lives to spend the day truly relaxing.

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #5 Take in the Culture

There is so much to see, it would be a shame to go for your Bristol hen party weekend and not see some of the sights the city has to offer. Head to Clifton for a coffee and a look over the suspension bridge, there are some great little places around Clifton so make sure to walk around and explore what it has to offer. Grab some lunch at the Harbourside, a walk up Cabot Tower, go to the Zoo or maybe the Museum and Art Gallery. Bristol also has a huge Street Art scene, so if you don’t want to see anywhere in particular at least take in the extraordinary talent that’s all around you.

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #6 Bloomin’ Good Burgers

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Burgers_optWe’ve made a whole extra top tip for good Burger joints in Bristol because there are so many great places to find them on your Bristol hen party weekend. Try the burger joint for what has been described as the ‘most delicious burger’ you might have ever had. Atmoic Burger serves burgers under names like, the Audrey Hepburn, Daisy Duke and The Outlaw. With names like that you know you can’t go wrong! Yoyo Burger also delivers – in all meanings of the word –  an excellent range of burgers and is open until 4am! Yes that’s right; you don’t have to buy something that merely resembles a burger and tastes like a car tyre when you roll out of the club, you can still get burger excellence here. The Three Brothers Burger and Guerrilla Burger are also strong contenders when it comes to your Bristol hen party burger choice!

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #7 Cocktail Hour

There are plenty of bars to drink cocktails in on your Bristol hen party weekend, try Hyde & Co for a great prohibition atmosphere; it is a wonderfully exclusive bar by The Triangle so is perfectly placed in the centre of town for the start of your evening but get there earlier and knock on the secret door – look out for a bowler hat sign. For somewhere else just as intimate and secret, Hausbar in Clifton is wonderfully sophisticated and seductive. Hausbar is a ring the bell and wait to be answered kind of place that prides itself on its atmosphere and simple cocktails, so for groups of 5 or more make sure you ring ahead and book. If you want to stay inside your well catered apartment with all your hens and not worry about those around you, why not book the Butlers in the Buff Cocktail Package. This package includes; an experienced cocktail bartender to make up to four cocktails for each of your girls AND a hunky Butler in the Buff to serve you! Start your Bristol hen party weekend off in the right way, take it easy, watch the men at work and relax while they mix their creations and pamper to your every need. All in the comfort of your accommodation, what could be better!

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #8 Drinks with Friends

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Cider-Cocktail_optSometimes you just want a casual drink with your hen party in Bristol, no fancy cocktail or dark lit nightclub but just a few good drinks and a catch up – or a good gossip is really what we mean! There are plenty of original and cool bars and drinking holes dotted around Bristol. Gloucester Road is one of the most popular places to go, it’s busy and quirky and there is always something going on. Try the Gallimaufry for some live music, a glass of wine or maybe a Somerset cider and soak up the atmosphere, or sit outside and people watch, they serve pretty good home cooked food too! When in Somerset, you must drink cider. Try The Apple, its laid back friendly style, 40 different types of cider and location by the floating harbour make it a perfect summer Bristol hen party idea. The Apple also serves a good helping of meat and cheeses and everything you would want with a cold cider. There are plenty of options, so do a quick search for spots near where your staying and experiment, try something new, something different, something fun.

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #9 Out for the Night

Bristol-Hen-Party-Weekend-Dancing_optBristol is not short of places to go out. Whether you want comedy, a night at the theatre, pubs, bars or clubs, it has it all! If clubbing and the party nightlife isn’t your thing, there are plenty of venues hosting live comedy acts, alternative entertainment or shows. Places like; the Bristol Hippodrome, the Watershed or the Redgrave Theatre all of which would be a great evening out for your whole party. If however, your hens just want to drink shots and dance until 4am head to La Rocca on the Clifton Triangle! Motion is in the heart of Bristol offering large scale music with a cobbled warehouse atmosphere, SLVRoffers music and VIP areas across three levels so your hens will be sure to find somewhere to find the right spot for the evening, while venues like Thekla – an old cargo ship – andBunker offer nightlife to a slightly younger crowd. Bristol has such diversity that whatever your Bristol hen party wants to do of an evening there will be something for everyone!

Bristol Hen Party Weekend Idea #10 Activity Afternoon

Bristol-hen-party-weekend-hens_optThere is a huge range of things you could do with your hen party for your Bristol hen weekend, but seen as you’re in the west country why not give theWest Country Games a go! Take that fancy dress seriously ladies, and heard your hens around the amusing 9 activities to see who will be the golden egg! Don’t panic though you won’t have to do it all yourself, you’ll have a farmer and his handy – and somewhat hunky – farm hands to help take scores and tell you what to do. Weddings are a stressful business, tensions get high, we all say things we don’t mean! Why not work those issues out over…dodgeball!  It is the perfect Bristol hen party afternoon activity for your whole group – as long as granny isn’t attending; we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Get those costumes on and set some dares for the losers, everyone loves some healthy competition. Don’t worry about bruises, book a Butler in the Buff to take care of you for a couple hours after your session; he will happily ice those sore muscles for you.

You can book a Butler for any part of your hen party weekend and don’t forget to download the Butlers in the Buff hen party games selection for your Bristol Hen Party Weekend!

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