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7 Reasons Why a Butler in the Buff Makes Every Party Better!

22 Jul 2015

Hello ladies! It’s the gals from The Bach here… We’ve stumbled upon what is quite possibly the best addition to your bash- A Butler in the Buff. That’s right- you read that correctly. Now that we know there are stunning and chivalrous men lining up to wait on you, we obviously had to share!

1. They’ll play party games with you…


Let’s be honest, bachelorette party games can get a bit stale after a while. Add in a cute guy wearing nothing but an apron and a bowtie though, and your group will be entertained for hours! Whether you need them to facilitate prizes, quiz the group, or act as a live model to dress up, they’ve got you (partially) covered.

2. He’ll help host your party… and look good while doing it

Butlers in the buff hosting hens at party

Allow your gals to enjoy the party without any worries; your Butler can be like a party planner… just an EXTREMELY attractive one! This is your big day to celebrate your bestie’s engagement, so don’t spend it stressing over little details. Your Butler will provide hosting duties and make sure the party runs smoothly. So sit back, relax, and admire his handiwork.

3. You’ll have a model posing with you…

What could be better than adding an attractive man to your group photos?! You’ll have hilarious pictures to last a lifetime.  And when you need a guy to take a million shots of you and the bride for that perfect Instagram post, your Butler will be more than happy to stand in as your photographer for the night!

4. They’ll add the perfect element of surprise…

Butler in the Buff at hen party

Every bride deserves an amazing surprise at her bachelorette party. Have your Butlerhide from the bride and then pop out for a special moment. Just be sure to have your cameras ready to capture her reaction!

5. They’ll mix cocktails & serve you food…

You’ll be drunk in love after tasting your Butler’s creative concoctions! He can expertly whip up specialty cocktails for you and your ladies to sip on all night. Hungry? No problem! Your gorgeous Butler will carry trays of appetizers, serve you tableside, or even fire up the grill…. Ladies- what more could you ask for?

6.  Even moms love them!

Butlers in the Buff with hens at party

Your Butler’s are sophisticated, trained professionals – they just are deceivingly good looking! They will be sure to charm the pants off anyone… even moms! There will never be an awkward moment at your party; these boys know how to mingle with guests of all ages. We’re willing to bet that the moms will be the first ones to request a group photo!

7.  He’ll clean up….Butlers in the Buff party hen

If you thought these guys couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong! Not only are they stunningly attractive, they also clean… yep, we said it: they clean. These boys will handle tidying up so you can focus on partying until the very end of the night.

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