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Celebrate Your Divorce In Style

8 Nov 2014

These days, a divorce doesn’t have to be depressing – instead it can be cause for celebration. Yes, it’s the end of your marriage, but it also the start of a new phase in both your lives. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate your divorce with style:

Throw a party

divorce_party00_optIn 2011, White Stripes frontman and model Karen Elson threw a party to celebrate their sixth anniversary and their impending divorce. Far from being a sombre affair it was billed as a time for ‘dancing, photos, memories, and drinks with alcohol in them’. Sounds like just the right ingredients for a great party – divorce, or otherwise. A party is definitely one way to celebrate your split (and relief) with those closest to you.

Buy a cake

divorce_cake_opt-divorce-party-ideasYes, you read it right. It’s more than just birthday and wedding cakes that are in demand these days; Bakers in the UK have seen an increase in the number of requests for divorce cakes to celebrate the end of a marriage. Popular designs for such a cake include broken love hearts and coffin cakes, but you can be as creative as you like.

Get a makeover

Don’t feel sorry for yourself for too long after a divorce. Give yourself the confidence boost you need by booking yourself a spa break and makeover. After all, life seems so much better when you are sporting a hairstyle to die for…

Get away from it all

divorce_love_heart_opt-divorce-partyEveryone needs a break once a divorce has taken place. Why not do it in style by booking a weekend away with your oldest of friends to eat, drink and make merry? You might want to add a cheeky extra to the trip by hiring a butler in the buff. What better than a scantily-clad man to help you forget the past and look ahead to the future?



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