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Butler in the Buff Heats Up Office Hen Party at Sheerluxe Magazine

5 Jun 2019

Butler in the Buff Heats Up Office Hen Party at Sheerluxe Magazine


At Butlers in the Buff we pride ourselves on giving our clients joyful, fun and exciting memories that they can share with their friends for years to come. Not to toot our own horn but we put the ‘ab’ in fabulous and it’s all thanks to our butlers.



Obviously we know how fantastic our guys are, the recruitment process is rigorous and we’re very clear about the fact that our butlers have to be fun, cheeky, charming, and gorgeous. So when we heard about the stir that Tom, one of our Butlers in the Buff, had caused at a work hen do we were hardly surprised.


The incredibly lucky bride-to-be was Charlotte Collins, Fashion Editor at Sheerluxe Magazine. Sheerluxe is an online lifestyle magazine that specialises in all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, wellness and culture. The magazine was founded in 2007 and since then the team have been making great strides across both the editorial and retail sectors. We’ve been admirers of Sheerluxe for a while now and we’re delighted that we could help with Charlotte’s celebrations!


Watch Sheerluxe’s video below to see how the hen party went down!


(Jump to 36:00 to get to the good stuff!)


If Charlotte’s hen party has inspired you, feel free to visit our quote page to get a butler of your own!

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