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Hello and welcome to naked butlers Plymouth Devon.  If you are looking for naked butlers in Plymouth and indeed anywhere in Devon keep reading.

Ask an American where in the UK, Plymouth is and the chances are they probably won’t be able to tell you. However, Plymouth is a pretty significant place if you’re one of the 16 million Americans who can still trace their ancestry back to the pilgrims who arrived in what is now the USA on the Mayflower which set sail from, yes, you’ve guessed it Plymouth.

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Naked butlers from Butlers in the Buff are amongst other things; intelligent, presentable, and articulate not to mention pretty easy on the eye. If you are thinking of hosting a party and very much want to make the right impression with your guests you really, really have to hire Butlers in the Buff naked butlers.

Use them to meet and greet, serve drinks and food, whisk up some cocktails or join in with party games.   Please call and speak to one of our bookings team at any time to discuss your requirements with years of experience under our belt we can help make your event very, very special.

Useful tip: If you’re in Plymouth, Devon and someone says they are ‘achuucked’ it’s probably a good idea to send your naked butler over to top up their drink as they are almost certainly trying to tell you they are thirsty.

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Established in 2001. The Original and Still the Best.  Butlers in the Buff  – The Best Butlers in the Land.

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