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Naked Butlers Newquay

Having your hen party in Newquay, Cornwall? We have some ideas for you plus some naked butlers in Newquay to boot. To help minimise the stress of organising your own or your best friends’ hen party, we’ve come up with some great ideas for you and your Newquay hens. There is so much to do on your Newquay hen party, as long as your hens like fun filled and auctioned packed you can’t go wrong. Don’t worry though there are plenty of activity options for those who don’t have an adrenaline junkie side, sometimes watching others is half the fun anyway!

Action Packed Newquay Hen

Naked Butlers NewquayIf you’re heading to Newquay for you hen party it is safe to say you like the coast, the sea and everything about being outdoors! Newquay offers so much action to pack into your hen party you could have a Newquay hen party week and still have more to do! Even if you’re just going for a day, pick something fun filled and easy enough for all your hens to take part in, that way everyone is involved whether it’s something your good at or not.

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Get the beach party started with some surfing (or body boarding if want to stay on the safe side, we don’t want any injuries) there are plenty of beaches to choose from including Fistral, Towan and Lusty Glaze Beach with instructor led classes – and we all know how hunky those surfer types are – so whether you are a seasoned surfer or some in your group only know surfing as an internet term you will be in very safe hands. If you like the idea of surfing but without the surf, try paddle boarding, on stiller calmer water this activity will get all your Newquay hen party together but at least you will be able to shout at each other from your boards, and if you get tired, have a sit down and float over the water, it’s relaxing and invigorating all in one!

Hire a Butler in the Buff

If riding the waves seems all a bit tame to you and your Newquay hen party, try something a little more dare-devil and go Coasteering. There are plenty of levels you can try so don’t think you have to go straight in at the deep end! This is a great idea if you and your hens really want to challenge yourselves though, and why not, they say it’s good to do something that scares you and whilst in the safety of your hen group, take up the opportunity! Plus how much of an accomplishment will it feel when you have jumped and coasteered across the coast of Newquay, even better if you are heading for your Newquay hen party in the height of summer, relax afterwards with a Pimms served by a scantily clad Butler and some sun bathing, you really do deserve it!

Fancy staying on dry land? We won’t blame you, and there are still so many activities you and your Newquay hen party can take part in without tinkling your toes in the water! Try some activities of the zip wire kind for a beautiful view of the scenery or abseiling if you don’t mind heights. If you want your feet closer to the ground you could take on a Kite challenge to try something really different, this definitely isn’t like using a Kite when you were a kid. Try the Kite buggy to get your blood pumping, or head out on a bike trail to see more of the coast. Kite buggy not your style? Bike ride a bit too normal? We have the perfect thing, take a Segway tour and imagine you are on your own personal magic carpet ride around Newquay. They are so much fun and will be sure to evoke the giggles amongst all of your Newquay hen party!

Non beach related Newquay hen party

Naked Butlers Newquay It’s not all about the beach though, there are plenty of other things to try on your Newquay hen party. Apart from naked butlers Newquay.  If you still want something action packed and fun to get your hens running around like crazed, well, hens, then try paintballing! It’s always fun to get together with your girlfriends and work out some healthy competition whilst running through the woods with a paintball gun. Don’t you think? You can play various games and take on different challenges against your hens to make things more interesting. Or you could set your own challenges within your group, prizes for the winners and dares for the losers!

If you want some down time on your Newquay hen party, take a look at the incredible Art the town has to offer. Cornwall is home to some of the best artists around and there are some beautiful studios and galleries dotted around. If looking at all that art fills you with inspiration to paint something yourself, how about a cheeky life drawing class…anude male life drawing class? Take a deep breath a fresh sea air and see how your artistic hand flows, we’ll warn you this class should come with a disclaimer; concentration is the key, it’s no vase of flowers! If you can’t quite cope with a fully nude model to draw, you could always make use of a Butler in the Buff, they’ll pose in their teeny aprons for you and then serve you champagne and strawberries.

Places to Stay

Naked Butlers NewquayThere are plenty of options to staying in Newquay, whether you want somewhere quiet and secluded where you can your hens can rejuvenate by the sea or somewhere with a bit buzz nearby. Newquay would be the perfect location to group together and stay in a beautiful holiday cottage by the ocean, there are so many of them to choose from sleeping anything from 4 to 15+ people. Edge 14 is an amazing hen house that we highly recommend! This means you and your Newquay hen party can all be together for the duration of your stay, perfect for when you’re getting ready for your night out, there’s nothing better than gossiping over make-up and wine with your hair in curlers!

Some may not want the hassle of cleaning away or cooking breakfast in the morning whilst on your Newquay hen party, in which case there are numerous hotels to decide upon. Although you won’t get everyone in one room at least you’ll all be close by and can congregate in the bride to-be’s room for a pre-going out drink or two! If you really want to experience the coastal atmosphere Cornwall is famed for its camping, so if you want a truly adventurous hen party, why not go all out and camp.

Food and Drink

There are so many places to eat in Newquay you’ll be spoilt for choice, try the Beached Lamb Café for some reggae vibes and laid back cool atmosphere and great food. Whether you’re in between activities or you’re lazing on the beach, The Beach Hut is your answer to the rumbling in your tummy, serving up great burgers and seaside delights that will fill you up ready for the rest of your day. They also deliver on the breakfast and dinner front too so you really can’t go wrong here! If you fancy a good catch up on the days antics head to Whiskers Coffee & Wine Bar to chat over a tipple of something delicious. Looking for a more up-market dinner experience, head to Little Kahuna for a mouth watering menu serving delights from around the world. Just be sure to get the sand out your toes and put a little effort into it! Lusty Glaze is a little off the beaten track and fantastic for a beach BBQ!

Berties and Sailors are the clubs to go to on your Newquay hen party to get all your hens up and dancing with their hands in the air, like they just don’t care! It’s the perfect end to your night and will be sure to leave you feeling boogied out. Sailors also offer quality pub food with a beautiful view from their decking of Newquay Bay. In the evenings it turns into a busy nightclub with great drinks promotions so if you and your hens are saving the pennies this could be the option for you.

Start your night with a naked butler from Butler in the Buff at your private accommodation for some great girly entertainment, he can help serve drinks, food or even host your hen party games! Butlers aren’t just for the evening you can make good use of them for breakfast or afternoon tea too!

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