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Welcome to naked butlers Portsmouth for all your party hosting requirements in Portsmouth and Hampshire.

Portsmouth is actually an island which not many people from outside Portsmouth know but don’t worry your naked butlers won’t have to get on a boat to reach you it’s all accessible by road, phew.

Naked butlers has to be high up on the list of must-haves for any event or party taking place in Portsmouth or around Hampshire.   Can you think of a better way to add the WOW factor to an event?

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Naked butlers from Butlers in the Buff are simply a brilliant way of adding something memorable to the occasion. Whilst taking pressure off you as the host, at the same time.  Not just there to look amazing but they are there to make your life easier.  They can take on any duty a waiter, bartender, cocktail waiter or general assistant would be required to do.

It’s a fun friendly service and the guys don’t just look the part, they are lovable friendly guys making the whole experience a huge amount of fun.

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We’re the World’s first, biggest and best naked butler company and here’s why.

Naked Butlers Nationwide…

We have over 500 hunky naked butlers across the UK.

Only the buffest men are chosen to become a Butlers in the Buff naked butler. You will be as impressed with our naked butlers charm as well as their toned hunky bodies!

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Butlers in the Buff has full public liability insurance.

The Best Cheeky Naked Butlers in the UK and the World.

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A ‘muscle’ of butlers brought to you by Butlers in the Buff

Established in 2001. The Original and Still the Best.  Butlers in the Buff  – The Best Butlers in the Land.

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