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You might be forgiven for thinking that naked butlers Aviemore was not a likely title for a web page but here we are.   So you’re planning a hen weekend or a birthday in Aviemore, maybe a long weekend skiing if the snow is good. And you were thinking what can we do while we are there for entertainment or for some Après Ski fun? Well if the idea of a naked butler popped in to your head but you thought hmmm I can’t imagine it’s possible to get a naked butler all the way out there in Aviemore.  Well, we are very pleased to say yes you can.

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It doesn’t matter how rural somewhere is, here at Butlers in the Buff can get a naked butler to you wherever you’re hosting an event.  We get a lot of people like yourself who have had the very good idea of celebrating in the stunning setting that is Aviemore and also want to include a fun, memorable edge to your celebration.    So, we have a huge amount of experience in getting our naked butlers up to the Cairngorms.

Yes, this is a fantastically beautiful part of the world so we know why you chose it but when the sun goes down there is not an awful lot of choice for entertainment.  The answer bring in your own entertainment in the form for naked butlers to top up your drinks, host games and put a smile on the faces of all your guests.

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Only the buffest men are chosen to become a Butlers in the Buff naked butler. You will be as impressed with our naked butlers charm as well as their toned hunky bodies!

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