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Naked-Butlers-in-the-Buff-leeds.jpgFinally a page all about naked butlers Leicester.   Leicester we tip our hat to you, this city has so much to celebrate.  Leicester is a proud sporting city with both Premiership Rugby and football clubs.     We love the fact that Leicester City FC has really put the cat amongst the pigeons in the football world and shown the big boys of the game that the smaller clubs can be just as dominant.  Good for you Leicester.

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As you have so much to celebrate, its only fitting that we try to encourage you to book naked butlers for your Leicestershire based events.   How much fun will having naked butlers at your next event be? Maybe not like winning the league good but a close second.  Our naked butlers are the perfect party hosts and they take most of the pressure off you as the host letting you sit back and enjoy the occasions with your guests.

Thomas Cook organised the world’s first package holiday from Leicester way back in 1841.  So whether you are travelling to Leicester or from Leicester and having a party – Book a naked butler from Butlers in the Buff it will be the highlight of the event and just think of all the great photos you will get.

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