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Naked Butlers Norwich, Norfolk

Naked-Butlers-in-the-Buff-norwichSo this is our naked butlers Norwich page we hope you find it informative.  If you like a weekend in the country heading to Norfolk makes for a great hen weekend.  Norwich is the largest town in Norfolk, so even if you’re planning on staying out in the countryside, you are probably thinking of spending part of your weekend in Norwich and quite possibly the evening time where you will find an array of bars, clubs.  There’s also lots of hen activities to choose from in Norwich.

Norfolk is a county of farming and so we ask you just to sit back close your eyes and think about all those farmers’ sons who turn their hand to working as a naked butler in Norwich or some other part of Norfolk each weekend.  All those muscles chiselled by hours of back breaking farm work that only real men can do.   Eyes open and back to reality, so pick up the phone and book your naked butler Norfolk today.

Like cocktails? Try Be At One bar in Norwich, now the question you have to ask yourself is would you rather have a naked butler make you a cocktail in the comfort of your home or have a cocktail in a great bar like this.  Why not choose to do both, hen weekends are all about packing as much in as you can to the weekend.

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We’re very proud of the fact that we have the highest recruitment standards in the business. We have hundreds of butlers across the country so we never let you down.  Check our hot butlers out on our photo gallery and you can watch some videos of our butlers in actions here.

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