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Naked Butlers Chelmsford, Essex

naked butlers essex the home of TOWIEThanks for checking out our naked butlers Chelmsford page.   Ok, so it’s a no brainer, isn’t it? Chelmsford is in Essex and people in Essex like to party.  Naked butlers are pretty popular here because they go hand in hand with parties.  How many times have you seen a couple of our naked Butlers in the Buff feature on The Only Way is Essex?  The answer is: a lot.

Chelmsford, of course, also known for the V Festival proving Chelmsford is one cool place.  Anywhere, that sees that many famous bands year in year out has got to be a pretty great place to go for a hen weekend.

Butlers in the Buff tip – The perfect hen party venue in Chelmsford Bar and Beyond.

Naked butlers love working in Chelmsford and the surrounding area because they know that it’s always going to be a great atmosphere and a lot of fun and they are going to meet some thoroughly nice people.


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naked butlers chelmsford essex

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