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We are very pleased to welcome you to our international team of party and events Butlerettes & Butlers.


You have been selected for your combination of personality, charisma, charm, and looks. Together we will provide an exceptional, professional service to events ranging from stag parties or mixed birthday parties to glitzy parties for the rich and famous.


At Butlers in the Buff we pride ourselves, not only for being the original naked butler company, but also being the best at what we do.


The reason we are number one in our field is because all of our butlers and butlerettes meet or exceed the high standards that we have set and maintained from the very beginning.  Just having a great body is not enough. Our team must also be charming, down to earth, helpful and friendly.




Key Information – Please read through the key notes below before signing to agree to our T&C’s.


Getting Bookings


We will offer you bookings based on your proximity to the job.  Some jobs will be closer to home and others further away.  The further you can travel the more work we can give you.

We will text you with bookings on a regular basis.  Please just reply to confirm or decline each booking as promptly as possible.   DO CHECK the time and location fully before accepting any job.


Please use a diary or calendar to record all of the bookings you accept.  If you prove unreliable you are likely to find yourself not getting offered work.


Job sheets & check in


A job sheet will be emailed out to you at the start of the week for the coming weekend’s jobs this contains full details for each job.


Please reply to this email to confirm receipt (Before 4pm Wednesday).


Butlerettes are required to wear a classic French maids outfit, comprising of a black corset and tutu (which we will supply) or you may have to wear a short LBD (little black dress) classy but sexy. This should be paired with high heels, sheer tights or stockings.  Your hair and make up must be done before you arrive at the event.



Hair and Make Up.  Please  make sure your hair and make up is nicely styled and you look glamourous, nails are either natural or painted, but not half chipped off.

It is essential to stay in great physical shape. Keeping toned, tanned and well groomed.

SKIN TONE/COMPLEXION IS IMPORTANT, Maintain a clean and clear complexion with a healthy colour.  If you are Caucasian, a very light base even tan looks great (don’t go crazy on a tanning bed or use cheap spray tans).


SMELLING GREAT, Smelling fresh and clean from head to toe and everything in between. Including fresh breath.


Clients may get close to you when posing for photos and helping with party games.


Tattoos are fine, just nothing offensive.



You have worked hard to look great, don’t spoil it by slouching, stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, stomach in.


Don’t Be Late


Do everything in your power to make sure you are not late.  It’s the number 1 rule.  Be organised, plan ahead.  Leave plenty of extra time for your journey.

Plan your journey before the weekend.  DON’T just use google maps on the day.  Check it out online beforehand so you know where it is and where to park or what train you need to get.  Print off directions as a backup in case of a tech problem on the day.

Have a local A-Z in your kit bag in case of emergencies.


Charge your phone and have a spare charger in your car/kit bag.


If there is a problem communicate it early to the client.  They will be less angry if they know what’s happening than if you go silent on them.


Arriving at a job.


In most cases your arrival will be a surprise.  Do everything you can to help the client keep you a surprise.

Text the client before your job to introduce yourself.  Meet up with your fellow Butlerette or butler before you enter the venue so you can arrive together.

On arrival call/text the client unless there are different instructions on your job sheet.

If no one is answering and it’s getting near the start of the job then you’ll have to resort to knocking on the door.

Once inside chat to the client about what they want you to do then get changed as quickly as possible.

The client should always provide somewhere private for you to change.


At the job 


Do not eat or drink in front of people while working.

Do not drink alcohol under any circumstance even if the guests are encouraging it.

Do not smoke during the booking period even if invited to.

Do not use your phone whilst working


The best butlerettes are helpful & engaging.  Chat to everyone.  Make everyone feel included. Work hard, find ways to make yourself useful. laugh at their jokes, even if not funny!  Check with the client on what they want you to help with.

Go the extra mile, load the dishwasher at the end of the night or put empty bottles in the recycling bin.  The little things go a long way.

If there is nothing to do, just make small talk with everyone and get to know the group.  Ask questions about the guests, get to know them, show an interest in them and they will love you.

Party Games

Some parties are more prepared than others, they may have their games all set up, props ready and a plan for how they want you to participate. Others may not be prepared at all and will appreciate you having a few simple games ready to go – drinking games are always fun… ‘I have never’, ‘Spoof’, always useful to have a pack of playing cards with you for some games.


Find simple games like NEVER HAVE I EVER or other drinking games you may know.  Mostly you will be asked to referee the stags arm wrestles and simply serve beer from the fridge.


These parties are a lot of fun, please do have fun, but always work hard and remain professional.

Don’t force games onto any group.  Suggest games only, if they like the idea great if they don’t that’s fine it’s their party after all.


Photos & behaviour


Having your photo taken with clients & guests is a major part of the job.  You must be prepared to pose for photos.

If you want to ensure you don’t appear on social media you can use a stage name when working.  Just ask us.

This way a photo of you can never appear with your real name.


We have a no touching policy.  This is there to protect you from clients getting too out of control.  It doesn’t happen a lot but you will get some guests who try to push the boundaries.


You can enforce the rule as needed.  If they have their arms round you for a photo that’s fine.  If they are being inappropriate that’s not on.


If any guest gets out of control.  Stay calm, stay professional.  Be polite but firm.  Ask them nicely to stop whatever it is they are doing.  If that doesn’t work, discreetly and professionally take the named client to one side and mention it to them.  If that fails, get changed and apologise that you can no longer stay and leave without making a big issue out of it.    STAY CALM, POLITE & PROFESSIONAL.


Pulling out of jobs

If you pull out of a job you will lose your priority status, losing the opportunity to earn our higher rates of pay for a period of 15 bookings.

If you are unreliable, you will quickly find yourself not getting any more work.  Please think of the customers you are likely to be letting down if you pull out of bookings you have agreed to.


If you find cover from one of our other Butlerettes that’s absolutely fine. Just let us know.


Be organised, check out the location of jobs before agreeing to them and keep a diary of important things in your life so you don’t accept jobs that might clash with something you can’t miss.

If you’re organised you wont need to let us down.

If you’re reliable you will quickly establish yourself as one of our ‘Go To Girls and Guys’ and that will mean you get offered more work.


Payment & Bonuses


Butlerettes earn £80 for 2 hour bookings and then £30 per hour after that.

Travel is paid at £0.30 per mile from your house to the job and back again, if the job is more than 15 miles from you.

No travel is paid for anything under 15 miles from your home.

If you are traveling to a job as a passenger you will receive £0.10 per mile (for jobs over 15 miles from you).


All London Butlers inside the M25 are paid £5 per day for jobs within the M25.  Only one £5 is made per day regardless of the number of bookings worked.


We do not pay for your parking costs, toll charges, etc

Travel expenses are detailed on the job sheet issued in advance of the event.


If we receive positive feedback from the client you will get a £5 bonus.


If for any reason jobs are cancelled by the customer every effort will be made by Butlers in the Buff to inform you as early as possible.  If cancellations are made less than 24 hours prior to a job, you will be paid 50% of that which was due not including travel expenses.


We have regular bonuses for referring a friend to join the team.  Check with the team for current rates in your area.

Finders Fee’s are at least £50 per person referred.


Getting Paid


We make a weekly pay run on a Thursday covering the previous week’s work.


Important T&Cs


You will be deemed to be operating in a self-employed manner when contracted by us for any booking.  You are responsible for declaring your earnings and your tax.


You are prohibited from soliciting work for your own gain while under contract for us or for a period of 6 months from the termination of this agreement.  This does not prohibit you from working for other naked butler agencies but does prevent you from advertising yourself independently, setting up a business in competition with us or attempting to contact our Butlers to work for you.


Our office


Easton Business Park, Felix Road, Bristol, BS5 0HE



Sales 01275 395 336

Butlers           07891 108 978 (Calls & texts)

We advise our Irish Butlers to use Whats App 00447891 108 978


Director – William Jones      will@butlersinthebuff.co.uk

Director – Stacey Bramhall    Stacey@butlersinthebuff.co.uk

Bookings desk (general & job sheets)    Bookings@butlersinthebuff.co.uk


Bookings & Sales Managers – Amy & Nick

Recruitment Manager – Keri-Ann

For the full handbook please click here

By filling in the details below you are agreeing to our T&Cs:

I have read, understand and accept fully, the conditions laid out in this Butlers in the Buff handbook.



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