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Butlers in the Buff London

Step into the world of Butlers in the Buff, where our Buff Butlers reign supreme in London! These dapper dudes are ready to kick your party up a notch, serving drinks and bringing the fun to hen parties and birthdays all over the city.

London, oh glorious London! The crown jewel of the UK, where grandeur meets excitement! It’s the ultimate spot for your celebration shenanigans. With its dazzling sights and bustling streets, London sets the stage for an unforgettable hen weekend or birthday bash. And let’s not forget, it’s drop-dead gorgeous!

Prices? Oh, they start from a mere £50! So, why wait? Get a quote today and let the fun begin!


Tips & Ideas:

Now, let’s talk about why London rocks your party socks off! Picture this: Oxford Street, a shopaholic’s paradise! Leicester Square, buzzing with entertainment galore! Covent Garden, where culture and charm collide! And that’s just the tip of the landmark iceberg! From the iconic Big Ben to the majestic Tower Bridge, London’s got it all!

But hey, why stop there? Why not dial up the excitement with a dash of naughtiness? How about hiring a hunky hunk to spice up your soirée? Our naked models will strut their stuff right at your doorstep, leading a nude drawing class that’s equal parts fun and fabulous!


Now, onto the nightlife! Get ready to glam it up with our Naked Butler Service from Butlers in the Buff! These cheeky charmers will keep your glasses full, strike a pose, and add that extra oomph to your party games. With their dashing looks and contagious charisma, they’re the life of the party!

Getting Around:

And let’s not forget about getting around town! Hop on a classic red bus, dive into the underground for a speedy journey, or snag a black cab for that quintessential London experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Let Butlers in the Buff turn your London hen party into a legendary affair – contact us today!

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