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Are you looking for some wild and wonderful ideas for your birthday party theme?

30 Oct 2012

All that sparkles isn’t gold.

What better way to get dressed up for a night out on the razz and celebrate your birthday than giving your girlfriends this birthday party fancy dress theme! From sequined dresses to dazzling tiaras or glittery eye shadow to glimmering nails. Drape yourselves in diamante and dazzle the crowds.glitter_cropped

As you and your girls will be dressed like ‘A listers’ you should be treated like one, therefore why not hire a Butler in the Buff to wait on you hand and foot at your pre drinks before you head out to paint the town red! Of course being the birthday girl, make sure you wear the most bling so as to sparkle brighter than the rest! Why not test out your shimmering attire on a birthday night out in Liverpool; you can give the Scouse girls a run for their money!


An ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ birthday bashabfab_cropped

If there are ever any two women who enjoy a good  knees up it is of course Edina and Patsy from ‘Ab Fab’. Choose who your allegiance lies with; will it be fashion magazine editor, champagne glugging, figure hugging dress wearing Patsy or will you choose her miss matched fashion wearing and ‘yo yo’ dieter of a friend Eddie?! If you’re late to the party and have no time to style your Barnett for the occasion you can say you came as Saffy. A Butler in the Buff would be a perfect addition to this themed birthday party although if you take on the character traits of Patsy and Eddie he will probably try to make a quick exit! Of course Eddie and Patsy would make sure they were on the hottest guest list in town – we think London would be a great destination for this birthday party! It’s a great excuse to dress and act like everybody knows you shouldn’t and cause some mischief.


Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’saudrey_cropped

Dig out your favourite ‘Little Black Dress’, team with black stilettos, satin gloves, a pearl choker and your cigarette holder and you’re all ‘Audrey-ed’ up! Of course, Ms Hepburn wouldn’t be seen dead in an establishment such as Oceania so why not throw a sophisticated birthday dinner party instead. Invite your girlfriends round for an evening of fine cuisine and cheeky cocktails and you know who the perfect cocktail waiter could be, you guessed it, a Butler in the Buff!


My Big Fat Gypsy Birthdaygypsy_cropped

Get your fake tan out girls! If you’re not bothered about looking overly classy at your birthday party then ditch the chic mini dresses with matching heels and clutch and get your gypsy on. Think tutus, crop tops, fake eye lashes, dollops of eye shadow, bright lipstick, bangles galore and feather boas. Everybody will love throwing caution to the wind for one night and embracing an outfit that resembles having got dressed in the dark. A great town to showcase this birthday theme would be Newcastle! Caution; avoid ‘grabbing’, stick to conventional chat up lines.


Tarts & Vicarsvicar_cropped

Although many may not admit it, everybody loves a good tarts & vicar’s party! The costume possibilities are endless and you can ‘tart’ up as much or as little as you like! Also if you hire a Butler in the Buff to help serve some drinks and nibbles, for once he won’t feel under dressed! If you don’t feel like heading out into the town why not have a house party or hire a cottage, maybe in the beautiful Scottish countryside on the outskirts of Edinburgh?!

What have been your best themed parties?  Tell us your stories in our comments section.

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