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Great Babyshower ideas

4 Mar 2015

baby-showerThe team here at Butlers in the Buff believe that parties can be thrown for all kinds of reasons, and with Kate Middleton’s due date in April, we can only imagine the baby shower she had in anticipation for the arrival of the second royal baby!

A baby shower celebration can help prepare an expectant mother for her new family addition, but it’s also an excuse to get all your friends together! Whether you are planning a baby shower for yourself or your best friend, be sure to use some of our baby shower games ideas for a wonderfully themed event!

Fishing for Nipples

nbaby-showerThis is essentially an updated, perhaps less messy version of the traditional ‘bobbing for nipples’ game. Attached peel-off magnets to the tips of bottle teats using a diaper pin fasten. Use a wooden spoon or balsa wood to create a ‘fishing rod’ and using string, tie on a piece of metal like fishing weights or paper clips etc. Fill a large tub with water and release your nipples! Each guest can have a turn at fishing for the nipples. To make it more fun, stuff the baby bottle nipples with gift certificates!

Don’t say the B- word!

baby-showerWe mean baby! Not anything rude! When you greet your guests, give them a large diaper pin to attach to their tops. Whisper the rule that they cannot mention the word ‘baby’ for the rest of the baby shower. If anyone hears the forbidden word, they can take the rule breaker’s pin. Have a gift prepared for the guest with the most pins! We recommend hiring a butler to do all the greeting and rule explaining for you!


Baby Guess Who?

When you send out invitations for your baby shower, mention that each guest should bring along a photo of themselves as a baby! Once your guests arrive, collect the photos and label each one with a number. Each party goer should guess which photo corresponds to each guest using a game sheet with everyone’s names noted down (found here). Award a prize to the person with the most matches!

Artsy Ones

baby-showerLet your friends get their creative juices flowing by designing unique onesies for your new baby! Buy as many one piece sleepers as there are guests – we suggest buying different sizes to accommodate your quickly growing baby! Stretch each romper over a piece of cardboard, supply fabric pens and transfers for your guests and let them get designing!

Change Bag Dig

A practical guessing game! Place at least 10 useful items into a good quality Change Bag: nappies, bibs, teething ring, rattle, bottle are common, inexpensive items that work well for this game. Each guest should be given some paper, a pen and 2-minutes to feel around the diaper bag without looking. They should then try to identify as many objects as they can! Once everyone has had a go, find out who has the most correct answers. The winner gets a prize and the expectant mother gets all the baby essentials!

baby-showerWe love themed parties and our Pinterest page has some adorable ideas for décor and sweet treats. Our favourite is this sweet baby wishes activity – each guests writes a future wish for the baby on a colourful animal cut out. They could make very sentimental keepsakes or garland when decorating your nursery. Printables can be found here.

We also like this marshmallow decorating idea. Marshmallow accessories are up to you! Think melted chocolate, coloured icing, silver balls, coconut, or nuts! baby-showerRecipe found here.


Don’t let your pregnant friend run around making tea for everyone book a butler or two to do all the hard work!


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