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Unusual Hen Party Ideas in the UK

24 Apr 2018

Unusual Hen Party Ideas in the UK

We know that a winning hen party formula includes our Butlers in the Buff, fizz or cocktails, good friends and that all equals happy hens – which is our ultimate aim for your hen party weekend.

But we were interested to hear from Freedom (hen party planners since 1996, so they know their stuff) about what unusual hen parties they offer to those wanting something completely out there.

Mike (Freedom MD) told us:

Whilst the traditional pampering and cocktail making still have mass appeal to our hens we’re seeing an increase in the unusual, wacky, extreme and downright bonkers activities selling well.

  • Stunt Driving – yes, really, you get behind the wheel and have a go.
  • Olympic shames – oh so naughty themed games and little like sports day, but with a twist.
  • Totally Wiped Out – following the huge success of the Total Wipeout TV phenomenon, this is a version hens can have a go at.
  • Lip Sync Battle – dance and sing your way to replicating top hits.
  • And definitely in the bonkers category:
  • Car Smash – with array of demolition weapons, sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.


butlers in the buff -unusual-hen-weekends







At Freedom they pride themselves on offering choice and are always on the lookout for the new ‘big thing’.

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