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All you need to know about National Bridesmaid Day

5 Mar 2015

hen-party-ideas-national-bridesmaid-dayWednesday 25th March 2015 is the day where we all can take our hats off to all the hard-working bridesmaids out there and thank them for their bridesmaid duties.

Many women excitedly accept the responsibility of a bridesmaid, but don’t always realise just what they have signed up to. Sometimes their duties can be arduous and we think they deserve to be thanked, nationally!

hen-party-butlers-in-the-buffThe bridesmaid role can be a stressful one, with plenty of duties that might put her into a panic. The team here at Butlers in the Buff joined forces with hen party organiser powerhouse Hen Heaven to find out exactly the kind of stresses and strife a bridesmaid might go through. Our research found that the 25th March (now dedicated to National Bridesmaid Day!) is the busiest day of the year for booking hen parties. This is the day when many bridesmaids freak out about how little they have prepared and how quickly time is running out!

We questioned 100’s of real life bridesmaids, and with one member of our team having been a bridesmaid seven times we feel like we are experts in bridesmaid advice, particularly when it comes to organising the hen party. We gathered some of the best advice to help you plan the perfect hen party!

  1. Keep the bride to be in mind. Remember it is the bride to be’s hen party – not yours, so keep her tastes at the forefront of your mind. Make sure to listen out for any hints or suggestions she makes as well!
  2. Come up with a realistic budget before you invite guests. It is also a good idea to add a little extra as a buffer in case something unexpected happens. If there is left-over money you could splash out on a treat for the whole group. And if there might be some financial struggles, it is kind to offer optional activities for your guests.
  3. Plan your hen party in as far advance as you possibly can. There is no such thing as too early. If everything is organised within good time, you can relax and spend free time preparing cute extras, like decorations, little gifts for guests or a personalised gift for the bride.
  4. Email all your guests in as much detail as you can. It will save you from countless of emails asking questions about the night. Make sure you think of all the questions you may need to ask your guests, such as drink preference, dietary requirements and room sharing. They will appreciate not being chased up on every issue individually.
  5. Use Hen Heaven and Butlers in the Buff. They not only make the organisation of your hen party much easier, but also during the event itself! It means you and your guests can spend more time enjoying each other’s company, rather than worrying about  food, drink and what game to play next!


hen-party-ideas-butlers-in-the-buffTalking about her experience, real life Bridesmaid, Arianwen Morris, from Oxford says:

Being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment. It takes up a huge amount of your time and also a sizable chunk of your finances. You will spend hour upon hour organising the hen party, answering guests’ queries, shopping for gifts and decorations, planning hen party games and travelling to and from meet-ups. My top tip would be to think of the Brides tastes at all times.

If I had a magic wand I’d use it to ensure that people invited to the hen respond to my emails within 20 minutes with a straightforward and final answer whenever I ask about their availability and preferences for the event.”

Hen Heaven will do all the legwork for your dream hen party, from booking accommodation to activities, and even budgeting. Your hen party plan will be one neatly organised package.

During the hen party, the host will probably be running round to check if everyone is happy and their drinks are topped up. Butlers in the Buff can provide a handsome helping hand to let the bridesmaids put their feet up and enjoy all their hard work.

We hope our tips have inspired you to start planning your dream hen party. Happy National Bridesmaid Day!!


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