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10 Best Hen Party Games You Can Play with Your Butler in the Buff

8 May 2019

Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed, and some require a sexy butler who happens to be nude.

Once again, the hen party season is upon us meaning that Google will see a spike in searches for matching ‘bride tribe’ t-shirts, flower crowns, rose gold helium hen balloons and penis-shaped paraphernalia. Whilst all these props are fabulous additions to the hen party, without any idea of what you can actually do with the bride, her friends, her family and her Butler in the Buff everything will more than likely go up in smoke.

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Not only are we able to provide you with charming and gorgeous naked butlers, but we can now reveal the most entertaining hen party games to play with them!

#1 Hen Party Game – Cards about Matrimony

A unique wedding-themed twist on the infamous game Cards against Humanity…

  • Get your Butler in the Buff to split the pack between the dark and the light cards, and then divide them out between the players.
  • The aim of the game is to make the most brutal yet hilarious sentence you can, the funniest one wins.
  • You can buy Cads about Matrimony or download the template for free.10 best hen party game ideas with butler in the buff

#2 Hen Party Game – Where’s the Water?

We only recommend playing this one if you have a strong poker face…

  • Get your Butler in the Buff to line up a row of shot glasses, four should do it.
  • Then have him pour water into three of them and any colourless alcohol you like into the fourth.
  • Ask him to shuffle them around and no peaking!
  • Someone then takes a shot and everyone else in the group has to guess whether it was water or alcohol, just by looking at that person’s face.
  • Whoever guesses wrong has to drink, easy!
  • For a cheeky twist you could always use your Butler in the Buff as a human shot glass and take the shot of water or alcohol out of his belly button.10 best hen party game ideas with butler in the buff

#3 Hen Party Game – Who’s Most Likely

Because mob mentality is a clear pathway to friendship…

  • Get everyone to sit or stand in a circle and ask your Butler in the Buff to kick things off by saying ‘who is most likely to’ and make sure he finishes it with a wacky ending like ‘leave with the best man from the wedding’.
  • Then everyone else has to immediately vote by pointing at the person they believe is most likely to do that thing.
  • If you get picked you have to drink and try not to take it personally… it’s all done in the heat of the moment.

#4 Hen Party Game – Beer pong / Gin Pong / Prosecco Pong

Beer pong is a game we all know and love but beer itself can be a bit hit and miss. Why not change it up by playing with a much more sophisticated and much tastier alcoholic beverage? That is why we present gin and Prosecco pong as fabulous alternatives…

  • The same rules for beer pong apply so we recommend using your Butler in the Buff as a referee or a ball boy, no pun intended, and get him to split your group into two teams.
  • Next have him split the cups into two pyramid formations at opposite ends of the tables.
  • Finally, try to sink the ping pong ball into the cup. The team who loses gets to enjoy every single drink that is left over, including the ones from the other team!
  • You can purchase prosecco pong here or gin pong here.

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

#5 Hen Party Game – Twerk Pong

We’ve been playing this for some time now and we cannot believe this  game isn’t more popular…

  • Pick an opponent to play against your Butler in the Buff, maybe let the bride take this one it is her night after all….
  • The Butler in the Buff and his opponent then have to strap a box onto their waists and fill said box with ping pong balls.
  • Then twerk like there’s no tomorrow! The first person to empty their box wins!
  • You can purchase Twerk Pong here.
  • Watch how it’s done here.

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

#6 Hen Party Game – Jenga (with a twist)

For this one you’ll need to buy a Jenga set if you don’t already have one…

  • On the Jenga pieces write hilarious dares, forfeits or challenges for people to do once they have successfully removed a piece from the tower.
  • These can be anything… perhaps they could involve your Butler in the Buff, e.g. challenge your Butler in the Buff to a dance-off.
  • Then play Jenga like normal, just with hilarious and embarrassing consequences.

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

#7 Hen Party Game – Bride-Themed Pub Quiz

A chance to prove who really knows the bride the best…

  • Write a few personal questions about the bride and her future husband and make sure that all of the answers have been verified before doing the quiz.
  • Split the group of ladies into pairs / teams, depending on how many people are in your party.
  • Next get your Butler in the Buff to be the quiz master and ask everyone the questions.
  • The people with the most correct answers win!

#8 Hen Party Game – Guess the Guest

We love to use this game as a surprise introduction for the bride-to-be to our Butler in the Buff…

  • Make sure the bride is blindfolded and doesn’t know that her mystery guest is about to walk through the door.
  • Then have other guests line up before her Butler in the Buff so she doesn’t suspect who she’s about to get her hands on.
  • Have her move down the line trying to guess who everyone is just by touch, eventually she’ll reach her butler and be pleasantly surprised!

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

#9 Hen Party Game – Wedding Dress Game

Who knows the bride might actually prefer it to her actual wedding dress…

  • Split the group into two teams with the bride as one team captain, and a Butler in the Buff as the other.
  • Put five minutes on the clock and each team must race to make a make-shift wedding dress out of toilet paper.
  • The best looking dress wins!10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff

#10 Hen Party Game – Find the plaster

Not quite as medical as it sounds…

  • Place a plaster anywhere you like on your Butler in the Buff … within reason.
  • Then blindfold the bride or any other lucky member of the group.
  • Pop 60 seconds on the timer and let the blindfolded bride loose, she has to search the naked butlers body for the plaster.
  • The game ends when the plaster has been found!

10 best hen party game ideas butlers in the buff


For more party game ideas and instructions on how your butler can get involved with them, feel free to have a look at our party games page!


If you’re really stuck for ideas, why not let us do all the heavy lifting and plan an activity for you? We provide a wide range of party packages for people who might find themselves short for time or drawing a blank when they think about sorting out the hen party. To see what packages you might like the look of visit our packages page!


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