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Hen Party in New York with Butlers in the Buff, oh go on then!!

22 Apr 2013
NY_-_New_York_optNew York City, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, whichever you name it, it remains one of the greatest cities in the USA, in fact the world. Without a shadow of a doubt it would be the ultimate hen party destination, surprisingly to us though, a hen party in New York doesn’t have to cost you a years’ mortgage payment either.
With return non-stop flights to New York from as little as £400 from all major UK airports, you can allow the hen to enjoy her last few nights of freedom in supreme style.
NY_-_Breakfast_at_Tiffanys_optLadies just visualise beginning the day with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then a spot of shopping like Pretty Woman, stopping only to lunch like the Sex and the City ladies. There is not an actual restaurant in Tiffany’s but if nibbling on a pretzel whilst admiring through the shop window was good enough for Audrey then I’m sure it would be good enough for your New York hen party too. But whoever your iconic film stars are, New York has to the potential to allow you to live in their shoes.
With New York’s Fifth Avenue offering Macey’s, Bloomingdales and many more department stores the inner shopaholic in every girl would be beaming with delight. Don’t forget, a stroll round Central Park, could provide those perfect Kodak moments to make everyone back home super jealous.
NY_-_Butler_in_buff_optButlers in the Buff also provide Butlers in New York, so you could have one or two of them around to make cocktails for your Hen party in your New York hotel before you head out or to serve you breakfast in the morning, helping to cure the hangover. Be reassured our American hotties are just as good as our UK cheeky chaps, being handpicked for their divine looks just the same. Get a quote from our USA team now.
NY_-_Sex_and_the_city_tour_optThe tours on offer in New York are vast, many options would be available to you, from bike tours to pizza tours you’re sure to find something to suit everybody. With the Sex and the City Tour being a New York hen party favourite, it’s a driving tour so you will get to put the dancing feet up to rest for a while too.
NY_-_Night_optThe beauty of New York is it’s a big enough city to be able to easily entertain the whole hen party (or ‘bachelorette party’ as the American’s call it) with it’s tourist attractions, theatre shows and iconic landmarks. Pleasing everyone and offering so much you will never be bored.
The worst part of all will be leaving to come home again, as your camera will show you, you certainly will be sad to leave.

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