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Best Hen Activities For A Cottage Weekend

24 Apr 2019

Our lovely friends at Essential Adventure have written a blog post about organising the perfect hen party for a cottage weekend. We liked it so much, we figured we’d share it….

Best Hen Activities For A Cottage Weekend

Organising the perfect hen party can be a pain in the backside, with large groups to try and organise, payments to collect and all of the weekend’s details to arrange. Well fear not, we’ve teamed up with Butlers in the Buff for this post, to give you some handy ideas on how to lose the stress and arrange the best! All of the activities can be run at almost any property throughout the UK (the only thing to consider is the space available) making them perfect options for perfect hen party entertainment.

Best hen party cottage weekend with butlers in the buff

Hen Party Houses

Often the first thing that is booked, the perfect hen party cottage or house is a critical part of the whole weekend. It’s where you’ll be based for the weekend, so it’s important that you choose somewhere that makes everyone feel relaxed. From lodges to mansions, there is something out there to suit all budgets and tastes, making private accommodation a brilliant hen party idea!

At any property you book, you’ll need to decide on some activities to make for a memorable hen party weekend, so we’ve put together our top 3 mobile hen party ideas below. These are the activities which are the most popular with customers who prefer comfy settings and a LOAD OF FUN.

# Number 1 Hen Party Activity… Butlers in the Buff

best hen party cottage weekend butlers in the buff

During the course of a hen party weekend, there is sure to be a good flow of drinks and why on earth should everyone have to organise serving their own, or get drinks sorted for other people? Obviously, they shouldn’t! A Butler in the Buff removes all hassle, also adding in a semi-naked waiter to boot. Drinks and semi-naked men are surely a winning combination and with said scantily-clad waiter bringing you drinks, this is clearly a no-brainer for your hen party cottage weekend. As well as serving drinks and/or food (ideal as part of a Murder Mystery event), the Butlers in the Buff can also help to run all sorts of fun hen party games, adding spice to your hen party cottage weekend.


Visit this page to get a bespoke quote sent over to you and book a Butler in the Buff immediately!

# Number 2 Hen Party Activity… Murder Mystery

Best hen party cottage weekend with butlers in the buff

An opportunity to get all dressed up, have some food and lots of fun solving a murder case. Discover your inner Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote’s leading detective) with a hen-specific plot, designed to be great fun and works really well in the comfort of a hen party house. These events work well with a 3 course meal and this can be arranged using a private caterer. Alternatively you can make the food or order in a takeaway to go with the activity. With any of these options, it will be something none of you will forget in a hurry!


Check out this page to book your very own Murder Mystery party!

# Number 3 Hen Party Activity… Spa Treatments

Best hen party cottage weekend with butlers in the buff

A great way to relax during or after the copious frivolities of a hen party weekend. Unwind with a massage/manicure/pedicure/facial and let go of all those worries about heading back to reality after the weekend. It’s simply a case of chilling out at the property and the therapists will turn up, set up and pamper you silly. Yes please!


Head over to this page to book and let the pampering begin!

Plan your hen party cottage weekend with us

If any of the ideas in this post sound like your kind of thing, then get in touch with us at Essential Adventure or the fantastic team at Butlers in the Buff and we’ll be happy to help you sort out an awesome hen party cottage weekend. Here are the benefits of booking through us:

· Central payment system – don’t waste your own time chasing people for payments.

· We book it all for you – with a deposit, we’ll book and organise everything for you.

· Experienced event planners – we’ve run hundreds of hen parties, so we know what works best.


So go on, get in touch!  Or to book just Butlers in the Buff call 01273 590820 or get a quote

Essential Adventure with Butlers in the Buff best cottage weekend ideas

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