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Attention hot men of Dorset! Butlers in the Buff is recruiting. Jobs galore!

17 Feb 2015

The semi-naked service of Butlers in the Buff is in such great demand that the hunt is on to Butlers_recruitment_job-bournemouth-dorsetfind new hot men to join the Dorset team of butlers. The nationwide company is calling all attractive, sociable men with bottoms to match a great personality and who want to earn £25 an hour.

Butlers in the Buff is the original naked butler company, dedicated to provide any kind of event with unforgettable etiquette and charm. The butlers have become a world favourite – with teams in America, Canada, South Africa and Australia – but are looking for more gorgeous butlers to keep up with their growing popularity in Dorset.

Hired to meet and greet, serve drinks and canapés and provide entertainment at parties, butlers are dressed in collar, cuffs, bowtie and the trade-mark bottom-revealing apron! But the ideal butler is not just a piece of eye-candy! In addition to a toned body, he is charismatic, confident and hard-working. They are professional butlers ensuring a party is an absolute success.

Being a butler means you are the only men to truly know what happens at a hen party! With flexible, part-time work for £25 an hour, as well as travel expenses and tips, becoming part of the Butlers in the Buff team can be a fun way to earn extra money.

Nick from Butlers in the Buff, Dorchester says:

“I applied for Butlers in the Buff when my sister told me about the role and it’s the best thing I did last year! It’s great to earn extra cash just by going to a party for a couple of hours at the weekend. I’ve made good friends with some of the butlers as everyone is so friendly.”

To become a highly-sought after Butler in the Buff in Dorset, fill out an application form with some photos below to book a time for the Skype auditions on Saturday 28th February 2015. Vacancies will be filled quickly so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!


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